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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails, Real Life Barbie - photo courtesy of Pinterest

Plastic surgery fails, Real Life Barbie – photo courtesy of Pinterest

Valeria Lukyanova, aka the real life Barbie is one of the most famous examples of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. The Ukrainian model spent tons of money on countless surgery to try and look like the human equivalent of the famous toy. The problem for her is that the toy is just that; a toy. When implemented in real life like this, it’s just creepy. This is something that Mattel should really consider, as this is the type of image that they are portraying as beauty to young girls.

The unrealistic looks and proportions of the Barbie doll have been scrutinized for decades by many women. Her looks set an unrealistic and unattainable example of fake beauty. She may look good when she is roughly a foot tall, but taken into real life height she would look ridiculous.

Thanks to the Internet, obscure girls like Valeria Lukyanova can find fame and fans to help praise her looks and support her continued efforts to look like a fashion doll. There are many who support her, and her habits from all across the globe. Her controversial looks and lifestyle have drawn equal amounts of adoration and controversy.


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  • http://www.alexthomasactor.com/ Alexander

    Even the before picture used here of Michael Jackson is with plastic surgery. He didn’t even really look that before.

  • Mz.Understood

    I don’t understand why a girl would want to DO this to herself, but it seems to be filling some sort of void, and as sad as it is, she is not hurting anyone but herself and her pocketbook. I wonder if she deals with all sorts of problems from the various surgeries?

  • Justme

    She is awkward to look at. Too skinny too, she looks nearly anorexic. A lo guys think she’s hot, but for me she looks like one of those Japanese silicon sex dolls.

  • phillymiss

    I get so sick of people complaining about Barbie. I played with Barbie for years and was smart enough to realize that real women don’t look like that.

    • ScaredSh_tless

      Yet I doubt Matel Corporation marketing would want anything to do with these disfigured souls. This isn’t Barbie, this is Chucky after a sex change operation.

  • McColl Magazine

    Thank God Ukraine has fallen into a cataclysm of war so we don’t have to hear about this stupid bitch for awhile

  • ScaredSh_tless

    The reprobate who disfigured these women should be prosecuted or at the very least disbarred from practicing in the United States. Unlike Michael Jackson, this disfigurement is quite intentional.

  • JosefineAnne

    Oh for heaven’s sake little girls know Barbie is a doll and I never met a girl who thought looking like Barbie was sometjing she wanted.

  • Darth Rant

    There isn’t anything the least bit attractive about this Barbie freak.

  • Cassie

    she does not look like barbie at all. barbie had perfect features which she does not. it’s like all these women who try to look like marilyn monroe. no imitations please.