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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

Luscious Lips – #1

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Plastic surgery fails, Jocelyn Wildenstein - photo courtesy of PhotoBucket

Plastic surgery fails, Jocelyn Wildenstein – photo courtesy of PhotoBucket

Is there any doubt that this plastic surgery obsessed New York Socialite would top the list? An absurd amount of facial surgeries have robbed Jocelyn Wildenstein of any natural beauty, or even natural human looks that she may have had. Sure, she doesn’t look to be 73 years old, but by no means is she desirable either. It’s not just unappealing, its unnatural.

Mrs Wildenstein looks more like an African Lion than she does a New Yorker. One of the only parts of her face that still resembles anything normal is her nose. Shockingly she hasn’t yet managed to mess up her nose, but her cheeks, chin, brow, and jaw line are all shot up. This addiction to plastic surgery has caused Jocelyn to gain attention for all the wrong reasons. Let this continue to be an example to all of you who are considering having anything like this done to yourself. While these disasters may not be quite as bad as deciding to get your face tattooed, this isn’t really that much better when you think about it.

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  • Cathy C

    Forgot about Elsa from RHOM.

  • voidist


  • another Alberta girl

    Renee Zellweger? Pete Burns would have been a much better fit on this list…

  • Shuuter


  • Shuuter


  • Mz.Understood

    This was a woman prior to the surgery? Everything about the face looks masculine, the jawline, cheeks, etc. Why? WHY? This is horrific. One would think that if surgeons can do this kind of damage, they can reverse SOME of it? Surely something could be done to improve her messed up face?

    • AkaBatGirl

      Here’s a pic before. She was a normal looking woman. Then the mental illness took over and she apparently found some plastic surgeon quacks willing to overlook the fact that she’s nuts.

      • Mz.Understood

        Thanks for the pic BatGirl…One would never guess that this mess in the picture started off as a normal looking, in fact pretty, lady. I don’t get it!

      • phillymiss

        Apparently her mega-rich husband was sneaking around with younger women and she was trying to look younger to please him. She should have dumped the jerk, he wasn’t worth it.

        • AkaBatGirl

          If you’re hubby is sneaking around and you want to keep the a-hole, maybe you get a new hairdo and a boob job. But wow, this poor kid turned herself into a walking freak show. No man is worth that. Very sad.

  • Monica Zodwa Cheru

    Why is Joan Crawford not on this list? She looks like a caricature as she sits there laughing at others on her Fashion Police show. For goodness sake, the woman has a permanent grimace and eyes that do not crinkle- hideous!

    • allie

      Because Joan Crawford is DEAD and dead people usually look bad 😉

      • Monica Zodwa Cheru

        my bad meant that Fashion Police woman

      • ScaredSh_tless

        You might be on to something… suppose this woman is Joan Crawford after being resurrected by that famous Hollywood spiritist, whats-her-name.

    • phillymiss

      I think you mean Joan Rivers.

      • Monica Zodwa Cheru

        thanks for the correction

    • WeAreNotAmused

      Thanks for the belly laughs courtesy of your Freudian slip! Crawford was a piece of work, but I doubt she would have gone to such insane lengths to make herself into a freak the way Rivers has. Everyone in the Fashion Police could haunt houses.

      • ScaredSh_tless

        Methinks you’re mistaken about Ms. Crawford. Her ingenuity in recreating “the perfect illusion” was legendary, and would have made Joan Rivers look like a retired whore at 3:00 a.m. cruising Hollywood and Vine for a boy toy.

    • ScaredSh_tless

      I think you mean Joan Rivers, who temporarily looks good for her age… but rest assured, she will rapidly age like that Nazi on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Just hope she does it during an Academy Awards after-party so the paparazzi post a good show on YouTube.

  • Carlos Long

    Where is Bruce Jenner. He looks like a bitch.

    • ScaredSh_tless

      …in heat?

  • fifiwereking

    i’ve been seeing this picture of jocelyn wildenstein since the 1990’s, surely she must look different by now…

    “Mrs Wildenstein looks more like an African Lion than she does a New Yorker.”
    – of course she does; mrs. wildenstein’s request at the time was that her doctor make her look like her cat…

  • McColl Magazine

    I don’t think it’s a woman.

    • Rosalie Dann

      She is indeed a woman and when young was reasonably attractive.

  • ScaredSh_tless

    Caption this one “Shape-shifter from the Orion Nebula gets stuck between species transformation.”

  • Lea McNalley

    Goodness!! I would like to see aplastic surgery win!! I can’t think of any??

  • Rosalie Dann

    This is one of the worst. Skin looks terrible and the sad thing is that instead of looking like a woman she looks like a man in drag.

  • egay


  • Bradley Dorrance

    How about Joan Rivers?

  • nathalie3700


  • Darth Rant

    Pass the eye-bleach, please…