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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails - photo courtesy of tumblr

Plastic surgery fails – photo courtesy of tumblr

This is perhaps not a totally recognizable celeb, but it is a very recognizable plastic surgery fail. Nearly any search for plastic surgery fails will bring up this horrifyingly disturbing image. It is clear that, at least to a degree, this woman had some natural beauty. Though, nobody will ever be able to look past those lips. An extreme treatment of plastic surgery, injections, implants, and all other kinds of no-nos are what make this hideous monster an example of what not to do.

There are times when some celebrities have gotten plastic surgery done that is less noticeable, or tastefully done. This is definitely not the case. With this level of modification, one could presumably take a gorilla and turn it into an acceptable prom date. In this ladies case she basically did the opposite. She went from being a piece of arm candy to becoming the kind of woman you would prefer to leave at home, with the blinds shut.

The face and lips were not the only place that this poor lady decided to get surgery done, but it’s hard to divert your eyes away from the tragedy. She however doesn’t feel phased one bit by her psuedo masculine appearance and flaunts it with style. To her this is beauty, and that always rests in the eyes of the beholder.

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  • SonofSpermcube

    She’s chargin’ her lazer.

  • teofli

    Am sure her boyfriend is the happiest man on earth. Getting a BJ from those lips would be priceless!

    • Chipsie

      do you ever think before your write such a trashy and low-life comment?
      are you fine with your little brother, sister or child reading that?

      • gaz

        its true though isnt it.

        • Mz.Understood

          And men say that women don’t know what they want! You are clearly a male, so perhaps you can clarify something for me. The first place your mind went when you saw this awful pic was THERE, and you find the idea very enticing. So then, WHY pray tell, do you guys seem to SO prefer the small “down there” lips, to the point that Playboy models and other women are getting this life risking surgery called Labiaplasty to cut off, shave and make the ‘down there’ lips so much more appealing? Why are face lips better if large and the ‘other’ lips are supposed to be nearly non existent? This is a serious question guys, so no stupid gross answers please.

          • gaz

            dunno ask the girls who have it done, nobody makes them. as for the kipper lips down there couldnt care less. I only commented on someones opinion about a good bj not that it looks good. If a girl is so shallow to have this done then take the bj but dont be seen with her & dont introduce her to your mother.

      • ScaredSh_tless

        Point well taken.

      • Mz.Understood

        It just goes to show the rest of the world how small their mind is. It always goes to ONE place, which will mean a man is posting, mark my words. They are not exactly DEEP thinkers. If it involves the peen, you have their attention, and if it doesn’t, they will try to find a way to make it about that. I do not envy having that VERY small room of ideas to deal with!

        • Chipsie

          thank you for your reply.

          • Nikki_Never

            ITT, two people who have never had an orgasm.

    • gaz

      my god your so right.

    • ScaredSh_tless

      Well yea, I suppose you’re right… if you want to catch every venereal disease known to man (and woman?). One never knows where those lips have been.

      • teofli

        lol. Stds are not transmitted through fellacio.

        • ToriaCove

          You’re wrong. According to WebMD, you CAN get an STD from oral sex. More importantly, you can also get oral cancer from oral sex.

    • ToriaCove

      The size of a woman’s lips has nothing to do with her oral abilities. Otherwise, White women would be in serious trouble! LOL

      • Cassie

        you mean julia roberts, angelina jolie, kim basinger, michelle pheifer, megan fox, doetzen kroes, rose huntington-whiteley, scarlet johannsen, liv tyler, etc., etc, etc, who all appear on best lips in the world lists are all in serious trouble?? really??? 7 out of the 8 top VS models are white. So you need they think to worry??? really?? You need to get your racist glasses checked.

        • pammy

          I the actresses you named have all had lip enhancements so they don’t really count do they?

          • Cassie

            they have not. they look the same as when they were very young. jealous are we??? or just can’t stand the thought of naturally beautiful white women?

  • Mz.Understood

    It is hard to believe that she thinks this is “Beauty”. But what is she supposed to say? I guess they think if they ignore how awful it is, everyone else will not notice. I would never leave my house again!!

    • ScaredSh_tless

      Bloody awful isn’t it?

  • Janet Hopwood


  • Marozia

    #9 lips looks like a monkey’s butt/

  • egay

    ewwww…so ugly…

  • allworld212

    I hear Howard the Duck is stalking her.

  • tomite

    The Doctor should be jailed.

  • Ron Harper

    I have no respect for anyone that does this to themselves! If you can’t grow old gracefully then you have a serious problem.

  • Garu Derota

    this woman is a BIMBO. it’s a choice of living and not an easy one. it deserves respect as any other self-conscious choice. this may be counterintuitive, but rarely this kind of woman is silly at all. and, you can bet, there are thousands of people that agree on her perceptions of beauty. and, after all, if “beauty” was just “standard beauty”, women born naturally ugly would have not a chance in their lives. but this is not the case. beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I don’t like this woman lips, but it’s my taste and I don’t think she deserves any bashing. she doesn’t harm anyone and she follows her dream. isn’t what everyone is saying today? “follow your dreams, at any costs, cause you only live once”

    • Cassie

      and you would say the same if it was a white woman right??

  • Darth Rant

    Okay, #9… Is this real? Logically, I know people disfigure themselves through plastic surgery, but this… yikes! This almost seems fake. Just horrid.

  • Cassie

    she looks like a horse to me. wow so ugly.