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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails, Mickey Rourke - photo courtesy of tumblr

Plastic surgery fails, Mickey Rourke – photo courtesy of tumblr

This side by side of long time move star Mickey Rourke is truly telling. The young man on the left who was the object of many women’s desire in the 80’s and 90’s has recently revived his career, but not his looks. Props to Rourke on the career resurrection, but better luck next time on the image resurrection.

This type of transfiguration should be a lesson learned for many of those who are considering plastic surgery. The quality of the doctors who typically perform plastic surgery on the stars in Hollywood is better than your average doctor. When Mickey went in for surgery to have a few things done to improve his looks, he came out looking like a totally different person. Now instead of playing the role of a handsome and desirable man, he tends to land roles as a movie villain. He’s done half the work already for the makeup crew, as he already has the scary face built right in every morning.

Not letting his looks deter the audience from his acting abilities, Mickey Rourke has wowed fans recently in films such as “Iron Man 2″ and “The Wrestler.” His emotional roller coaster in “The Wrestler” really revived the career that some thought was destroyed by his plastic surgery disasters. He not only reinvented himself, but transformed himself too.


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  • Andy

    What a bunch of utter cunts you are! Lets see some pictures of your oil painting faces. People get old, Hollywood is fickle so stars try to look younger, pointing this out for entertainment in such a vapid manner makes you a pitiful stain of a human being.

  • Jeff Brennan

    holyo fuck Andy, slow down ol boy.or your going to pop an artery.
    I hear you man but look around at this piss poor site where it takes
    300 clicks of the mouse to change pictures that either suck or off topic
    like the celebrity with the lips but the dumb fuck didn’t know her name.
    Then some lame asshat attempts to write on the pic with his journalism 101 degree.
    Lets not forget hour it takes to upload the page in the first place. I’ve seen faster dal up on a party line.
    Makes a guy wonder wtf they are uploading on your computer.
    You better wipe your feet before you leave so they don’t hack up all
    your horror movies and porn you borrowed from Kick Ass Torrent.
    take care now

  • ScaredSh_tless

    Uh, did they get the before and after photos reversed?

  • Janet Hopwood

    No joke getting old, especially when you are used to being monitered as to whether you are getting fat, have bags under your eyes, skinny legs and so on. You can’t blame people for trying to look better, if they can afford it, good luck. When it goes wrong, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, they take their chances. It’s the whole scene that’s wrong, it’s all about what someone looks like.

  • Yvon Barker

    Jeees where are the facts here?

    Mickey was a boxer and he took a break from acting to pursue his boxing career with the obvious unfortunate effects to his appearance. When he returned to his acting career twenty years later he had some restorative work done.

    The comments about him here are total tosh!

  • Yvon Barker

    Jeeees… where are the facts here? Mickey was a boxer and he took a break from his acting to pursue his boxing career which resulted in some unfortunate facial injuries. He had some re-constructive work done when he returned to acting twenty years later. The commentary with his picture is a steaming pile of tosh!

  • Patricia

    I agree that Mickey Rourke’s face is a train wreck, but how about we do some research?? He was a boxer, both before he became famous as an actor and during. The damage done to his face from his time in the ring is why he had plastic surgery, not because he was simply “trying to improve his looks”.

  • Cassie

    who write these terrible articles? it’s as if they are written by English class drop-outs.