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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails, Meg Ryan - photo courtesy of tumblr.

Plastic surgery fails, Meg Ryan – photo courtesy of tumblr

The famous love interest from some of the most iconic romantic comedies of all time, Meg Ryan, was attempting to preserve her beauty with the help of some cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately for Ryan, and for us, it had more of the opposite effect and turned into one of the more dramatic plastic surgery fails of recent memory. As a direct result, she has stayed away from movie roles in recent years. Seeing Meg Ryan used to be a treat, and now its becoming a horror. She appears to have almost doubled the width of her jaw somehow.

This failure has Meg Ryan looking more like a crazed fan trying to be a look-a-like, but sadly this is the real deal. No doubt that she would look better naturally had she not had any surgery at all. We expect people to age, and not all people age gracefully, but that is no excuse to go and ruin things yourself. Failures like this really do make you wonder if Hollywood stars are suing the doctors who do this to them, because mistakes like these can literally cost the stars tens of millions of dollar in lost opportunities. Not to mention all of the emotion toll that this type of error could cause someone to go through.

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  • CreepyACracka

    It’s simple, we, uh, kill the Batman.

  • Jackie Varner

    Ohh plz gimme a freaking break! Its the celebs fault for havn the surgery period! N to say they should sue the dr because it didn come out like they wanted it too is no ones fault but their own!!

  • leart


  • AkaBatGirl

    Meg Ryan, meet your long-lost brother.

  • ScaredSh_tless

    They keep mixing up those before and after photos!

  • Rosalie Dann

    Once again can’t see how they compare these. One she’s totally serious – the other she has a big grin on her face. Looks fine to me. Lots of people have big, cheesey grins.

    • Tasha

      Totally agree! I don’t think Me has has any work done on her face either.

  • Tasha

    I don’t think Meg Ryan has had any plastic surgery done on her face. Like @Rosalie Dann said here in the comments, in one photo in this article, she’s totally serious – the other she has a big grin on her face. Looks fine to me too. Looks like she’s aging gracefully to me!

  • tomite

    Hilarious! Looks like a villain in a Batman movie

  • Rene

    When Meg first hit the scene and was America’s Sweetheart, as shown in the before photo, I thought she was the cutest female alive! I adored her. I couldn’t get enough of her, and saw every movie she was in. Why she thought she needed any touch ups is beyond me. She was perfect the way she was.

  • Cassie

    she was so hot. why oh why meg??