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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails, Carrot Top - photo courtesy of pinterest

Plastic surgery fails, Carrot Top – photo courtesy of Pinterest

Everyone’s favorite prop comic (probably because he’s the only prop comic they know) Carrot Top did a lot to change his image in recent years. He got really buff, landed himself a residency in Vegas, but also had some really rugged facial reconstruction surgery that went very wrong. Some people have joked whether or not Carrot Top is just an alter-ego of fellow D-List Celebrity Kathy Griffin.

Fans have suspected that Carrot Top may be taking Human Growth Hormone to enhance his muscular figure, or perhaps even steroids. But that madness just adds to the total package of what went wrong with Carrot Top. His lips and face have the hallmark of bad surgery written all over them. His eyebrows are lifted so high off of his brow line that he looks more surprised than most people who bump into him in real life. This guy has just become a hot mess.

When you go up on a stage in front of people looking like this, you might wonder whether people are there to see the comedy or just to stare in disbelief at the freak show that’s on stage.

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  • ScaredSh_tless

    Now that’s the sh#t frosting on the cake. Is he in Halloween costume about to attend one of those tacky Hollywood affairs in late October?

  • Rene

    He looks like some insane clown that escaped from the asylum, YIKES!