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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails,  Renee Zellweger - Photo courtesy of likes-media

Plastic surgery fails, Renee Zellweger – Photo courtesy of likes-media

Prior to her plastic surgery, Renee Zellweger might have been one of the best role models for women in Hollywood. She had a very understated and classic, yet still beautiful look. She was the romantic interest for everyone from Russel Crowe to Tom Cruise. But in the pursuit of her youth, she lost it all. One of the more tragic plastic surgery fails out there.

Renee might not look as hideous as some of the other finer examples of what not to do, but it is a sad story. Some people should just embrace their own beauty and their aging, and learn to deal with it. The plastic surgery additions tend to become more and more noticeable with age, and distract from the natural looks that would otherwise be there. She is still looking better than most others who have gone under the doctor’s knife, but some still wish she could have just left perfection be the way it was.

Her slight plastic surgery failure hasn’t stopped Renee from landing roles in films, and she still manages to squeeze some talent out here and there in her films.

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  • miscadverts

    She looks the same in the before as the after. Hardly a major fail here. If anything, she’s getting older and her face is changing… which is what happens as you age. She’s still good looking.

    • fifiwereking

      right… when recent photos are compared to older ones, the only real changes i see are in the overall fullness of her face (likely due to the weight changes she sometimes goes through for a role) and lower eyebrows/more hooded eyes that are due to that 1-2 combination: age + gravity… i have no idea why she’s on this list…

  • Mz.Understood

    I don’t see it. Where has she supposedly had surgery? She is cute, unique and it seems that this article doesn’t really KNOW who did what, but is guessing.

  • AkaBatGirl

    I’m not sure what Renee Z has had done, unless a slight change to her nose. Hardly a fail.

  • Bibliophile

    Badly written & ridiculously harsh, elsewhere but here especially.

  • orlandomike

    No but if she is doing something , she needs to stop. it would be a shame to go down that road.

  • fifiwereking

    sorry, i don’t see it; in fact, i thought you had the photos reversed and the one on the right was supposed to be “before”….
    even at her thinnest, rene has had a scrunched-up puffy face – all i see in the second photo is a minor weight gain, NOT plastic surgery…

  • foxglove1255

    I think you’re reaching. She is not a disaster, but an attractive lady. Also, Meg Ryan is not a “fail”. She appears to have had some work, but none are as young as we once were.

  • Janet Hopwood

    She dosn’t look much different to me, she looks good.

  • Rosalie Dann

    Not a fail – shot #1 Nicely made up – #2 Au naturel.

  • Cassie

    she should not be on this list. she is just aging. where’s the plastic surgery??? bogus.