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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

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Plastic surgery fails, Justin Bieber wanna be - photo courtesy of tumblr

Plastic surgery fails, Justin Bieber wanna be – photo courtesy of tumblr

Arguably the most disturbing inclusion on this list, a man named Toby Sheldon who spent more than $100,000 on plastic surgery to try and look like Justin Bieber. Not only does the surgery make him look like Bieber’s creepy brother, but the Biebs has fallen off of the deep end, leaving Sheldon to surely regret this obsession in the future.

Almost nothing about Sheldon’s appearance, aside from his haircut, even looks remotely like Justin Beiber. This would make you wonder why a young man would spend $100,000 to look this way. He’s starting to look more and more like the Scary Lips lady from #9 than the Biebs. This photo looks more like the booking photo at a jailhouse where a creepy stalker would be taken after trying to trespass on a celebrity’s property. We wouldn’t put that one past Mr. Toby Sheldon.

Perhaps the only person who ever mistook him for Justin Bieber was his near-sighted plastic surgeon, who pulled off a huge amount of fail on this mop top.

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  • miscadverts

    Toby looks gay, not like Bieber. Instead of spending money he does not have trying to be someone else, he should just accept who he is and spend his time getting happy by being with people who accept him for who he is.

    • phillymiss

      Well . . . in case you haven’t notice, Bieber looks gay, too!

      • Cassie

        really? maybe you need to look closer. he loves women and he’s still very young. i guess you like the mean looking types.

  • Mz.Understood

    A nice young boy who wants to look like Ms. Justine? Did he also have his peen removed? JB keeps searching for hers when she sings, but can’t seem to ever find it. I hope this kid has gotten the help he needs, as this is really sad. Who signed for him to have surgery at such a young age anyway? And if he wants to look like a girl, there are EASIER ways!

  • jerimiah69

    I am a plastic sturgeun..I can make you look like Obama or mooshelle, even if you are a male. Payment plans are available. Iwill also take food stamps, Money back gurantee if you don’t look like these two creeps.

  • pirmin1

    He looks like Butthead !

  • stacie1


  • ScaredSh_tless

    This is a tragic example of low self-esteem and its horrific consequences.

    • Cassie

      “horrific” is a pretty strong word. there are a lot worse things a person could do than have surgery to look like someone else. i mean it’s not like he killed himself or murdered anybody or anything.

  • Roger T.

    Where did he get 100K?

  • Darth Rant

    Put him out of his misery, already.