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Will New Bulls Guard Jimmer Fredette be this Season’s Jeremy Lin?

Sacramento fans were hoping ‘Jimmer-Mania’ would follow Jimmer Fredette to the NBA–but it didn’t. Now Chicago fans are hoping it will resurface for them.



As exciting as it was to watch Fredette play for BYU there were many pundits that wondered if his skill set would translate to the NBA. No matter how many defenders opponents put on him he still managed to average 28.9 points a game, but the competition level isn’t the most competitive in the nation.

So was he really as good as advertised? The Sacramento Kings hoped so hence completing a trade that brought the No. 10 pick in the 2011 draft from Milwaukee to the West Coast. However, while his college popularity did transfer over to the NBA causing merchandise sales for the team to sky rocket (especially his No. 7 jersey).

It didn’t translate to the hard court though. In two full seasons (’11-12 and ’12-13) with the Kings he saw time in 130 games and started seven. He never saw much time though and only averaged around seven points a game–far from the 28.9 fans grew accustomed to in college.

Was it just a case of college talent not transferring to the professional game? Was he not as good as advertised or was it the team’s fault for not giving him a chance?

If the tale sounds familiar it should. Jeremy Lin was a popular player during his days at Harvard and the Golden State Warriors were more than happy to sign a local high school star in 2010 when his college days were done. On a promotional level it was a brilliant move, but the team rarely played him and eventually let him go prior to the start of the 2011-12 season.

For all intents and purposes his career was done without ever really starting, but than he got a chance to play regular minutes for the New York Knicks during the 2011-12 season and Lin-Sanity was born.

Can the same happen for Fredette in Chicago? After clearing waiver he was signed and available to play on Sunday against the Knicks (and did get three minutes making one of two shots and two rebounds) so it is way too soon to say, but it could happen.

The Bulls just have to give Fredette a chance to play.

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  • Tim

    Hey, Author, Travis Pulver! There is only ONE Jeremy Lin jackass! And writers/media like you are helping to destroy his career in Houston while that coaching staff demotes and cuts his minutes despite having played VERY WELL this year when given the minutes.

    • Travis Pulver

      How am I helping to destroy him when I am saying that another guy may possibly see his career get a second chance like him? I’m using Lin as a good example; a reason for Bulls fans to be glad to have Jimmer on their team. How are you seeing differently?

  • Colin128

    There will never be another Jeremy Lin situation though articles keep making bad comparisons (Jimmer, Kendall Marshall). Problem is, they use examples of players like Jimmer or Marshall who were 1st round NBA picks and also actually got D1 scholarship offers. Jeremy Lin was California state Player of the year and also top5 finalist for Mr. Basketball, and Cali is a massive state. Lin is the only player EVER with those accolades to receive ZERO D1 scholarship offers. Then passed over in the draft and cut twice. So, Jeremy Lin was the ultimate underdog passed over due to his Asian racial markers. People couldn’t look past his race. Jimmer may get some of that being a white player but nowhere near the discrimination Jeremy Lin faced and *continues* to face in the NBA from his coaches. Jeremy Lin recently put up a triple double in only 29 minutes. The list of players who had a triple double in 29 mins or less in the past 30 years is a short list, half are hall of famers and the other half were all stars. McHale is totally clueless, read up on his tenure in Minnesota as both coach and GM.