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17 Car Companies Agree To Support Apple’s iOS CarPlay

Today at the Geneva International Motor Convention, Apple released information about it’s new service called CarPlay. This new technology allows iOS 7 and Lightning cable devices to interface with the car’s dashboard on select vehicles. So far only 3 manufacturers have launched support for the software, but 14 more are onboard for launching later this year. Select 2014 model automobiles made by Mercedes, Volvo, and Ferrari already have built-in support for CarPlay, which allows the driver to use some of their in-app functions on the vehicles dashboard or radio display, or to engage Siri for voice-activated search functions.

17 Car Companies Agree To Support Apple’s iOS CarPlay

Apple CarPlayMost of the initial focus around the use of CarPlay is centered around using the phone’s GPS Navigation system in the car, while integrating some of the visual information in the cars display. Additional features allow some vehicles to use steering wheel mounted controls to manage functions in the iPhone’s apps while driving. All of this is centered around keeping the driver’s hands and eyes focused primarily on the road ahead. There have certainly been some recent issues related to cell phone use and distracted driver accidents.

The list of all 17 companies still remains a bit of a mystery, as surely Apple is trying to protect the interest of their relationships with those companies until they are more ready to make announcements of their own. It is not yet certain whether there will be some universality of controls between the different automakers, or if each manufacturer will be able to decide exactly how their hardware will manage the CarPlay functions. You can expect to see a growing list of new cars being launched with native capability to support CarPlay throughout the 2014 calendar year, most automobiles with support will likely roll out on show rooms as 2015 models.

CarPlay will probably be a hit once consumers and cars catch up with each other. There may already be a multitude of different manufacturer specific hands-free devices for cars, both built-in and aftermarket, but by working directly with car manufacturers, Apple is hoping to create a much greater connection between drivers and devices. You can expect to be able to use voice messaging, text messaging, iTunes, Pandora, Maps, and other Applications, all while trying to remain as non-distracted as possible behind the wheel.

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17 Car Companies Agree To Support Apple’s iOS CarPlay.

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