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3 Gunmen Hijack Woman In Labor On Way To Hospital

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend in Annapolis Maryland were headed to the hospital to deliver their child when 3 armed gunmen hijacked their car and robbed them. The couple had only just gotten in their car in the parking lot at their apartment complex when the 3 armed men approached. The boyfriend quickly fled the scene, in fear for his life, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind with the robbers.

3 Gunmen Hijack Woman In Labor On Way To Hospital

3 Robbers Hijack Pregnant WomanThe robbers harassed the pregnant woman and attempted to get her to let them in to the apartment. Unfortunately for the robbers, the girl’s boyfriend had the keys and they were not able to gain access to the couple’s apartment and rob their home. Since the robbers were not able to rob the apartment, 2 of them decided to take off in the couple’s car. Someone called Annapolis Police about the situation and the police chased the suspects down in the stolen car. The two suspects were arrested and chaged with robbery and assault. The suspects names were Cornell Robinson and Devery Kelley.

The pregnant woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated. There was no word on whether any injuries were received by the victim or her fleet-footed boyfriend during the crime. This incident occurred near the 1800 Block of Copeland Street on Sunday around 4:30pm. Police are still on the search for the 3rd robbery suspect, and are looking for further details from the 2 captured criminals for more information. It is not clear why he did not decide to take part in the car theft, but perhaps the pregnant couple didn’t have a car big enough for the three suspects.

Due to privacy reasons, the hospital has not announced whether the woman in labor has been able to deliver her baby as of yet.

Featured image of Cornell Robinson from the Annapolis Police Department Press Release.

3 Gunmen Hijack Woman In Labor On Way To Hospital.

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