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Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez Mocks Proposed 10-Second Rule in Speed Parody

Rich Rodriquez, the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats, is like many coaches in college football. He thinks the proposed 10-second rule is not a good idea.

What the ten second rule would do–if adopted– is force offenses to let at least ten seconds run off the play clock before they can snap the ball. Proponents of the rule claim it is a safety issue; that kids are getting hurt because they are being forced to try to keep up with fast-paced offenses or maintain a fast paced offense.

Opponents of it claim it is a ploy for coaches that don’t like or know how to run an up-tempo offense so they are trying to get the NCAA to force them to slow down.

Many have already made their feelings known in the press. Unlike most coaches, rather than just call it stupid and say that it is a ploy by Alabama head coach Nick Saban (probably the most vocal opponent of up-tempo offenses) to exercise his influence he has decided to express himself in another way.

For fans of the Wildcats it is one they are quite familiar with when it comes to Rodriguez. What it is it? Let’s just say he has a great audio-visual guy on his staff, must of dreamed of acting at some point in life, and loves the movies.

Monday was the last day for coaches to submit official comments to the NCAA. It’s doubtful that he submitted this to the NCAA, but if he had it would have gotten to the point pretty fast; in less than three minutes even.

Dare I say it–in an up-tempo fashion?

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