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Microsoft’s Cortana For Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri on the iPhone.  Cortana will be the new feature of the Windows Phone 8.1 being released by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Cortana For Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana will be the new digital assistant for Microsoft’s new Windows phone to be released next month.  It is Window’s version of Siri on the iPhone; something Window’s phone users have been anxiously awaiting.

Microsoft's Cortana For Windows Phone 8.1

The interface of the new Cortana for Windows, as released by The Verge.

The Verge got an exclusive look at the interface of the new program.  Cortana will replace the current Bing search function that Windows phones use. Much like Siri, Cortana will have a personality and be able to call the operator by a name determined by the operator.  What to be referred to as “Master?”  Cortana will do it! Cortana will also have a Notebook system where it will save data and information about the user.  Notebook will allow Cortana to access information on different apps in the phone to send alerts to the user.  These functions are similar to the program Google Now. Cortana is the name that Windows is currently using while it is in the testing phase for the program.  It is unknown if they plan to change the name when they actually release the program for use.  It is expected that they will reveal and give a release date for the program at their 2014 Build Conference in about a month. Photo courtesy of The Verge Twitter account. Microsoft’s Cortana For Windows Phone 8.1

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