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NFL Extra Point Rule Change: Time to Get Rid Of It or Make It Longer?

NFL Extra Point Rule Change: The NFL loves to tinker with the game and this year it is thinking of altering a rule that has been since the game began.



It is thinking of making a significant change to the extra point.

Since the game was born out of rugby there has been a conversion kick that occurred after scores. Its has been worth one-point since the early twentieth century; before touchdowns increased in value to six points in 1912. Now–after over a century of inclusion in the game–the NFL is thinking about getting rid of the extra point.

There is a method to the madness. Last season 99.6 percent of extra point kicks were successful. The play is by and large pretty boring. Yes, in the past there have been some very dramatic misses–some which altered the outcome of the game–but those incidents have been few and far between.

So why not get rid of them since they are of little consequence?

That is one option, but instead of getting rid of it because it is boring why not make it more exciting–and move it back to the 25-yard line? The ball is placed on the two-yard line for the current kick resulting in about a 19-20 yard field goal attempt. Is the ball is placed on the 25-yard line it would make the extra point right around 43-yards.

Last season field goal attempts from that range were made roughly five out of every six attempts (83 percent).

Purists are going to balk at the idea. The thought of drastically changing or getting rid of part of the game that has always been there is just wrong to them. If the league is going to insist on doing something though making them longer would be better than getting rid of them all together.

It will certainly make kickers much more valuable.

At this time there is no reason to think that anything is going to happen, but there is a small possibility that the league may experiment in the preseason next year and extend extra points.

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