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Huge $2 Million Settlement for Ohio Caged Kids Case

A $2 million settlement for the Ohio caged kids case has been reached as eleven children who were forced to sleep in cages by their adoptive parents seek closure.

While the agreement still needs a judge’s approval, the $2 million settlement will end a series of lawsuits that stem from 2005. The children, ages ranging from 1-14-years-old, were taken out of the abusive Norwalk home in 2005.

Huge $2 Million Settlement for Ohio Caged Kids Case - photo from Flickr

Huge $2 Million Settlement for Ohio Caged Kids Case – photo from Flickr

The adoptive parents, Michael and Sharen Gravelle, spent only two years in prison for their abuse. According to the Gravelles, the cages were meant for the children’s protection if they acted up or were self-destructive.

Since they have been taken out of the Gravelle’s care, all eleven children have been placed into foster homes. Two of the children have gone off to college.

While the outcome of the events have benefited the children financially, attorney Jack Landskroner said that scars from the incident still haunts the children:

“These kids were good kids. It’s amazing the positive results you see on children who are placed in a loving, caring home.”

There have been numerous settlements with the Ohio caged kids case. While this settlement is the largest amount, Stark County will pay only $100,000 while the rest of the money comes from its insurers. The $2 million payout is an addition to the $1.2 million settlement in 2010 from Huron County.

Huge $2 Million Settlement for Ohio Caged Kids Case.

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    Between eleven children……$ not enough to compensate them. How typically stingy of insurance companies….

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