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Cone speaker has smart selection

Cone is the latest in smart, wireless speakers and audio streamers

Cone is a new, intelligent conical speaker that can instantly have the right song for the right moment.  The Aether Cone is web-connected music player that promises both simplicity and choice.  The wireless speaker connects to the internet with WiFi and streams music from numerous unspecified music services.  It combines material from podcasts, on-demand and internet radio.

The Cone is controlled by one multi-function button in the center of the speaker’s grill.  The rotating ring around its edge serves as a dial.  To start playback the user simply turns the dial.  Another urn of the dial changes the source.  Pushing the center button pauses play.


The Cone

Users may listen to multiple genres or even ask Cone to play a specific song, podcast or album simply by holding down the button and using the speech-recognition function.  At present setup requires some type of iOS 7 device such as an iPad or iPhone or a Mac running OS X 10.9 Mavericks.  Although once Cone runs independently it is capable of streaming tunes through AirPlay from any compatible contrivance.

The casing, currently only offered in black and copper, contains an 8-hour battery which allows users to move the Cone from place to place.  It also has a built-in accelerometer to let the Cone know it has changed locations so that it can customize playlists for the new location.  The Cone also contains a 3-inch woofer and dual tweeters run by a digital I2S 2.1 channel 20W amplifier.  It also includes two volume buttons on the top and a hidden multi-colored LED display at the center of the speaker that lights when the user is selecting music.

The Cone is a smart device.  It does not expect the user to create a playlist.  It creates one on its own based on what it knows about the listener’s tastes.  The more one uses the Cone, the smarter the Cone gets and the more familiar it becomes with the user’s tastes in music.

Aether, based in San Francisco, California states their Cone will be able to access over 20m and will be shipped out as early as this summer.  Priced at $399, it will also be available in white and silver later in the year and they hope to be working with Windows PC and Android in the future.

(Image courtesy of Aether)

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