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What is HUVr? Real Hoverboard Hoax Revealed

HUVr, a “real hoverboard,” has been revealed as a hoax. A viral video that was released by a mysterious technology company called HUVr claims to have built the first ever real hoverboard.

Despite the millions of people who were convinced that the HUVr board was real, it was revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax. The board uses liquid nitrogen and makes the surfaces it glides over super cold so that the board levitates.  Moreover, the HUVr team used curved objects like ramps to make the gimmick look even more believable.

What is HUVr? Real Hoverboard Hoax Revealed - photo from Youtube

What is HUVr? Real Hoverboard Hoax Revealed – photo from Youtube

In order to add credibility to the HUVr board hoax, the video includes world renown skateboarder Tony Hawk as well as a line of famous people to test the product. The celebrities who used the fake hoverboard include Los Angeles rapper Schoolboy Q, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, and Christopher Lloyd.

The HUVr team claims to have developed the hoverboard back in 2010 at MIT’s Physics Graduate Program. The hoverboard hoax even goes as far as having a company website with an email, although no one has responded from that email as of yet.

So why the HUVr board hoax in the first place? Many Back to the Future fans are speculating that this may serve as a teaser for another Back to the Future movie. While rumors have been swirling around for years, Christopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Emmett Brown in the series, in the video may indicate a Back to the Future IV in the near future.

What is HUVr? Real Hoverboard Hoax Revealed.

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