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$17.5 Billion is the NASA 2015 Budget

Pioneers of Space, that is what NASA calls themselves, announcing today that with the support of the President for fiscal year (FY) 2015, they would like $17.5 billion in funds for projects divided over six main goals laid out in the NASA 2015 Budget.

$17.5 Billion for NASA 2015 Budget Is Spread Over 6 Areas

NASA Kennedy Space

Photo By “MrMiscellanious”, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

The six categories for the funding include;

  1. Science ($4,972 million)
  2. Human Exploration Operations ($7,881 million)
  3. Space Technology ($706 million)
  4. Aeronautics Research ($551 million)
  5. Education ($89 million)
  6. Cross Agency Support and Construction ($3,225 million)

Specific projects have been described briefly such as the Orion (multi-purpose crew vehicle), which NASA claims to be the biggest achievement since getting Apollo into space, developing technology to re-direct asteroids which is a “benefit to mankind” and further study of Europa. Europa has been scientifically confirmed to have water (under a large frozen shelf), increasing the potential for other life to exist.

These game changing technologies, according to NASA will not just take astronauts out of this world physically, but combined with the innovation of private partners (and NASA Commercial Crew) space travel and safe exploration will be an opportunity for everyone in America.

Along with creating new jobs, the combined efforts and contributions from the private sectors as well as alliances with ISS partners, has expanded the opportunities for better understanding our planet Earth.

Working Off the Planet For the Planet

Observation of our own planet Earth from afar via satellite technology is invaluable to science. This technology allows us to understand the climate better, monitor, observe and study places that are difficult (at best) to travel to physically down here on Earth.

If you would like to watch the live press conference, NASA 2015 Budget briefing will air via live stream at 2 p.m. (EST) you watch it via live stream on NASA News Audio.


Feature image courtesy of Wikimedia.

$17.5 Billion is the NASA 2015 Budget.

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