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The Chipotle Raw Fruit Deal and Avocado Outrage

The Chipotle raw fruit price increase has resulted in an avocado outrage across the nation. Another popular restaurant chain raising prices may not seem like shocking news, but the possible elimination of avocado all together due to escalating costs is nearly blasphemy. How can you be a Mexican grill without avocado (or guacamole)? It’s like having a PB & J without peanut butter-or bread for that matter.

Chipotle Raw Fruit Prices Predicted To Rise

carne asada with guacamole

Photo By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It all started with a company statement published today about raising prices due to the rise in cost of virtually all the ingredients across the menu, from meat and vegetables to fruit -this includes tomatoes and avocados if you did not know already, both are fruits.

Most people know that Mexico is a large international producer of avocados, but it has only been 12 years since an 80 year legal ban on the import of avocados from Mexico was lifted. The popularity and promotion of the health benefits of avocados since then has only increased the value of the fruit exponentially.

According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AGMRC) the estimated the annual net benefit to the USDA to be more than $70 million annually since lifting the import ban.

Avocado Outrage?

It is important to note that the avocado outrage seems to be a concentrated mass of people that geographically consume the fruit more than other areas, specifically the US, more specifically the Southwest.

California alone consumes produces and imports the highest volume of avocados in the US.

dark avocados

Photo By Leon Brooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

While it is not likely that Chipotle will take avocado or guacamole off its menu, price increases due to the water shortage in California should be expected, agriculture is a business dictated by Mother Nature.

Since avocados are usually among the most expensive fruits in the produce section of grocery stores ranging from $1 each to as much as $4 each -there is no reason for avocado lovers to be outraged since you’re already used to paying more for the creamy green fruit.

In the US, avocados are grown in California, Florida and Hawaii, yet are consumed quite differently (by amount) based on geography or what state you live in.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has locations not just in the US but in the UK, Germany, France and Canada as well with a total of 1,539 restaurants in total.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado the company slogan Food with Integrity they emphasize their use of fresh, healthy and organic ingredients including “more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant chain.”

Opening in 1993 with 16 locations, Chipotle had a major growth spurt with the help of investments from McDonald’s Corporation which began investing in the Mexican Grill back in 1998.


What do you think of the Chipotle raw fruit price increase? 


Feature image By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.








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