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Ohio Caged Kids Receive $2 Million In Settlement, But Is It Enough?

Ohio caged kids received another settlement, this time for $2 Million.  The eleven children that were caged by their adoptive parents have received several settlements including the $2 Million, but is it really enough?

79245658_c2f8fa653cThe settlement was waiting a judges approval, but that has come through.  The Ohio county that is having to pay up had three of the children living there as foster children before they were adopted by Michael and Sharen Gravelle.

The eleven adopted and foster children ranged from ages 1 to 14 that lived with Michael and Sharen Gravelle until they were removed in 2005.  The parents lost custody in 2006 and were sentenced for two years in prison for abusing some of the children.  They said they used the cages at their northern Ohio home to protect children that acted up and were destructive.  The cages were made up of both wire and wood enclosures.

During the trials, the Gravelles portrayed the children as needing these enclosures for discipline.  The lawyer for the children says this is not the case.  The children have been placed in foster homes and two are even in college.  They are thriving despite the hardships they faced and the way they were portrayed.

Stark County in Ohio will be personally paying $100,000 as a settlement and their insurers will be paying the remainder of the $2 Million.  This is the county the children where in before going to the Gravelles and the county should have been responsible for making sure the children were going to a safe home.  Huron County, where the Gravelles actually lived, settled on $1.2 Million in 2010.  The information on other settlements has not been disclosed.

But is this enough?  These children had to have suffered emotional damages that could affect them their whole lives.  Not to mention some experienced physical abuse.  And the Gravelles only served 2 years in prison for this?  They severely impacted the lives of eleven in a very negative way.  The only good that has come from this case is an increase in oversight of homes where special needs children are placed.


Ohio Caged Kids Receive $2 Million In Settlement, But Is It Enough?

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