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Facebook New News Feed – Old News Feed With Bigger Photos

The Facebook new news feed is not really all that new; all the “new” Facebook feed features is the old news feed with a different font and larger images.

Trying to stray away from the over-flashy news feed that Facebook users have been complaining about, the social media site has opted to go back to its old-school style. While the new news feed is not necessarily new, the social media giant did incorporate larger images as well as a more stylized font.

Facebook New News Feed - photo from Facebook

Facebook New News Feed Goes Back to the Basics – photo from Facebook

The new/old news feed upgrade comes one year after Facebook launched its attempt at a bigger and “better,” news feed. Despite their efforts, many Facebook users complained about the look and feel of the news feed and requested that Facebook revert it back to their classic look.

Facebook, which currently holds an astounding 1.23 billion members, will now be implementing a “bigger is better,” policy and will feature larger images and ads. The new not-so-new news feed will also feature a different font. There will be a less cluttered left side bar as well. Otherwise, it is back to the basics for Facebook and it will maintain its original classic design.

The announcement of the changes were made Thursday afternoon. The changes to the news feed will have no impact on the site and are purely cosmetic according to Facebook.

Facebook New News Feed – Old News Feed With Bigger Photos.


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