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No More Lost & Found! Kids Will Never Lose Anything Again!

It could be the end of the bottomless pit also called the Lost & Found bin at elementary schools everywhere as this new technology from Australia claims-kids will never lose anything again thanks to their innovative system called StrayHat.

Scannable QR Code Labels Identify Lost & Found Items

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Photo credit: Student Services, Inc.

StrayHat makes labels that have an embedded unique QR code which is programmable and scannable with a smartphone. The QR coded labels can affix to multi-surfaced items like a sticker or can iron on to clothing.

The StrayHat labels can be used on anything you would normally label with your child’s name in case of accidental loss. The labels work in conjunction with a smartphone app, which scans the label and is free to download from iTunes. The app stores your “inventory” of labeled items, keeps track of which items are missing and uses the smartphone camera to scan the labels, confirming the owner of the lost item.

Here are the pre-assigned categories for different the label types:

  • Clothing, including those expensive winter jackets
  • Sports equipment
  • Bags & luggage
  • Music Instruments
  • Lunchbox, backpack, or water bottle
  • Electronic devices such as cell phone or tablets

The StrayHat labels are ideal for elementary school age children who are notorious for forgetting where they leave stuff. Replacing jackets, scarves, and lunchboxes, as parents know is not just frustrating but expensive and rifling through the Lost & Found bin is often germ ridden and disgusting!

The StrayHat website points out that “80% of school age kids lose items every year.”

The cost for the labels (the app is free to download) varies on the package quantity and works as an annual subscription service. For example, a 60 label package with 60 corresponding unique codes includes a 12 month use of the Lost and Found System app.

This simple invention, says StrayHat, is not just for parents but could also be implemented on a school administrative scale as well.

The company website also says their products are also ideal for use by transportation agencies, nursing homes and gyms, all common places where items get left behind and ultimately lost.

While these labels are not the answer to finally solving the missing sock mystery, or capable of finding lost jewelry it does have the potential to save parents a few dollars every school year.

Another type of Lost & Found service is a website called LostAndFound.com, The Internet Lost and Found. The service operates an ad agency where you can list everything from a pet to rings , even dirty blonde hair-serious. According to the website register they currently have 113,150 lost items from the US. There are various fees to use the service and there is also an app on iTunes and GooglePlay which can help you locate on a map your lost and found items.

Hooray! No More Lost & Found!

Feature image from PicstoPin.com.

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