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P*ssy Riot 2some attacked

P*ssy Riot pair trashed at McDonald’s restaurant. . .

P*ssy Riot, the ever-changing, Russian feminist punk rock protest group, was once more targeted and attacked in Russia.  Following arrests as well as an attack by horsewhip-wielding Cossack militia in Sochi during the Winter Olympic Games, a new video has revealing yet another attack against members of the Moscow-based band.

P*ssy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were attacked by several men at a McDonald’s restaurant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  The video, posted by Tolokonnikova on Twitter, the five male assailants assaulted the P*ssy Riot pair with green antiseptic paint and assorted trash.

pussy riot

Pussy Riot

The menacing men were also allegedly screaming insults and obscenities telling the performing pair to leave the city of Nizhny Novgorod.  According to Tolokonnikova one attacker shouted: “Go to America!”.  Another one of the quintet of assailants told them: “Get out of town, f**king whores.”

Tolokonnikova is obviously injured in the video.  She cries out: “It hurts!  Why are you doing this? You don’t have the right to hurt me.”  Early reports indicate that Tolokonnikova suffered chemical burns and Alyokhina suffered head injuries.

According to an earlier Twitter post written by Alyokhina, the members of the ever-changing protest art ensemble were in the area because they were going to visit a nearby penal colony.  The visit was the first stop on a tour focused on defending prisoners’ rights.  In fact, the P*ssy Riot performers were themselves imprisoned for almost two years for their protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s major cathedral.

No stranger to the controversy created by their satirical songs and artistic acts of protest, Tolokonnikova told the press she believes the attack was actually instigated by local police officials.  Online sources indicate authorities are investigating.

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  • Don MacQuarrie

    I hope they weren’t sprayed with radioactive polonium! No seriously – that is a favorite way for putin to assasinate his opponents! Someone should tell the members of pussy riot to decontaminate themselves and get checked out by a doctor immediately. Please make sure they get this message!