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Texas Gov. Rick Perry Electrifies the Crowds at CPAC, Criticizing New York & California

Texas Governor Rick Perry gave an electrifying speech to the crowds at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Perry was the first speaker at the conference this morning and he was very critical of some government programs, saying the federal government should stick to national defense, foreign policy and delivering the mail — preferably on time and on Saturday.

Gov. Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry gives an electrifying speech at CPAC. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

The Texas governor claims that Republican governors, like himself are leading the nations economic recovery. He went on to say that Democratic-led states are promoting policies that produce higher taxes, out-of-control pensions and fewer jobs; singling out New York and California as states where taxes are too high. He says that moving trucks don’t even want to go to California.

In reference to New York, Perry said “They’re implementing the tired old recipe of back-breaking taxes and regulations that are larger than a 30-ounce big gulp.”

The second day of the CPAC, which brings thousands of activists to suburban Washington each year to put their stamp on the Republican Party. The program featured Perry and two other former presidential candidates known for their focus on social values — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

All four men have left open the possibility of running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 — a contest expected to begin in earnest in about a year. Governor Perry ran as the 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, before stepping aside and endorsing Mitt Romney.

Perry also claimed that politicians in Washington from both parties have seized too much power and it’s time to elect “the right kind of leaders.”

Rick Perry is the longest serving governor in Texas state history, since taking office in 2000 when former President Bush, the then governor of Texas was elected to the oval office.

The CPAC convention runs for three days, ending Saturday, when conference organizers will announce the results of their annual symbolic presidential straw poll.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Electrifies the Crowds at CPAC, Criticizing New York & California.

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  • scola251

    If conservatives think their states are so great why are they holding CPAC in Prince George’s County, the most Democratic county in Maryland, a heavily Democratic state. PG County went 91% for Obama.

    Even Republicans don’t want to go to the places where Republicans are in control.

    Texas exists for its airports. It’s the place you change planes on the way to somewhat better.

  • heropass

    Oh, good, I see the RNC is becoming gay friendly.

  • Devildoc68

    Perry is good at expounding on words which have no meaning….and a good example is all the talk about getting out of the Union…so Ricky boy, why not put your money where your mouth is…separate and maybe you and Arizona could form your own country and call it Texzona and with your mental abilities you would no doubt apply to the U.S. for foreign aid and with Obummer you would no doubt get it. Perry is a has been with no original thought or plan and all the jobs created in Texas are for the most part… minimum wage.

  • oldman66

    Rick, just go home to Paint Creek.

  • dad22

    As down home and wholesome cowboy charm can be, forgive me if I’m not willing to roll the dice on that image any time soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.anziulewicz PolishBear

    As a Democrat I say: Please oh please oh please oh please oh PLEEEEEZE let Rick Perry get the GOP nomination to be President!