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The Zen Master–Phil Jackson–is in Demand With NBA Teams Once Again

Until he goes to the great hard court in the sky or completely off the grid coaching legend Phil Jackson will always be the subject of rumors in the NBA.



He’s not quite the Brett Favre of the NBA, but each and every year the former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers is the subject of rumors. Will he return to coaching? What about a front office position? Unlike Favre who became a regular on the retirement announcement circuit Jackson has just made it known that he is interested in a return, but only to that mystical position that is ‘just the right fit.’

Of course since only he knows what the right fit is owners, general managers, and fans across the league hope that their team will qualify.

So far this season Jackson’s name has come up twice and most predominantly in regards to the New York Knicks. At first the rumors had the Knicks discussing a return to coaching with the Zen Master–a notion that Jackson was not interested in. As the rumors found their way around the internet they quickly turned in to a front office position rather than coaching.

Jackson has not said no to that just yet and is expected to give the Knicks a response sometime in the next week.

On a more unofficial level fans of the Los Angeles Lakers are pining for their former coach again. This time they are trying to implore President Obama to intervene by starting a petition:

The Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the most successful sports franchise in the history of North American. The team won championships because of the genius of Dr. Jerry Buss.

Jim Buss has become the President of Basketball Operations, and the results have been disastrous. He hired Mike D’Antoni. He lost Dwight Howard. And there is a giant vote of no confidence in the Lakers nation.

Phil Jackson, who is engaged to Lakers Vice President of Business Operations Jeanne Buss, is an unbelievable natural resource. As he ponders whether he should accept a front office job with the Knicks, we are demanding that Phil become the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers effective immediately.

Jackson was interested in returning to the Lakers after the team fired Mike Brown five games in to the 2012-13 season, but his demands were more than the team was willing to do at the time.

Will he come back this time? If so, will it be with the New York Knicks or back with the Los Angeles Lakers? Only time will tell.

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