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2nd Baby Cured After Being Born With HIV

The HIV virus has caused fear for many people around the world since it’s announced epidemic a few decades ago. The virus has been labeled incurable by many, even though hope still holds out for better treatments, and for an eventual cure. Hope may be on its way shortly, at least for those babies who are born to mothers with HIV after news comes forth of a 2nd child being possibly cured of HIV shortly after birth.

2nd Baby Cured After Being Born With HIV

2nd Baby Cured of HIVThe 1st child to possibly be cured was born to an HIV infected mother, and was also themselves infected. At the time of birth, doctors gave that baby doses of anti-retroviral drugs that seemingly wiped the HIV completely out of their system. That baby was given treatments for about the first year of its life to follow up on the initial diagnosis, but now that the child is about 3 years old it still shows no signs of infection. This 2nd baby, more recently born may be fortunate enough to be cured as well.

The 2nd baby who may be cured is still showing no signs of the HIV infection, though they are still being treated with the anti-retroviral drugs. The fact that these combinations of treatments have been so successful at eliminating signs of the virus gives many hope that there may be a way to prevent future children to have to grow up with the HIV virus.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS in humans, and is severely life threatening. Most patients who contract this virus become uncontrollably ill due to the virus attacking and weakening their immune system. HIV therefor allows AIDS to override someone’s immune system and prevents it from fighting common infections and other viruses.

Many potential cures have been touted over the years, and some people have been able to live mostly normal lives with positive responses to certain treatments. There has not been any one particular type of cure that has been designated to work on all patients, and many patients who previously thought they may have been cured have had symptoms return after a short period of stopping treatments. While it does seem possible to suppress the virus, finding a way to eliminate it completely from the body is still proving difficult. If either of these 2 infants is indeed cured of HIV, this would mean that scientists could develop future cures that could benefit older patients who are infected.

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2nd Baby Cured After Being Born With HIV.

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