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Alexandria Police Uncover Evidence to Suggest Serial Killer is on the Loose After 3 Murders

Alexandria police have begun investigating the killings of a real estate agent, transportation planner and music teacher to see if the three murders may be linked.

Ronald Kirby, a regional transportation planner, was shot and killed last November while music teacher Ruthanne Lodato was shot on Thursday, and real estate agent Nancy Dunning was killed back in 2003, per The Washington Post.

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Artist sketch of a suspected gunman whose weapon in a recent killing may be linked to two other murders.
(Alexandria Police Department)

The Alexandria police are entertaining the notion that all three murders may be connected because they were all carried out in the same manner. Each was shot around 12:00 p.m. at their homes, which are only two miles apart. There were never any signs of forced entry in any of the murders as they were all shot while answering their doors.

Other similarities police are investigating include they were all white, close to the same age, were all parents, and were in normal contact with public officials.

Another possible similarity, Fox Baltimore reported, is that a statement from police say the bullets used to kill Lodato showed “the same rifling class and characteristics and are similar in design to the bullets submitted” in the other two murder cases.

Alexandria police are still not certain as a microscopic comparison turned out inconclusive.

On Friday – a day after police announced that they were treating these cases as a “series of crimes” – investigators were left with the tough task of investigating the lives of the victims to find connections.

Friends and relatives of the victims said they were not aware of any enemies, shared or otherwise, who would want to hurt any of them.

Police have yet to conclude definitely if all three slayings are linked or if one killer is responsible for the murders. Experts also say it is too early to say with one hundred percent certainty whether the slayings were random or targeted.

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