When it comes to choosing the best travel destinations on the planet, there are many.  However, this list should help narrow down your selections to some of the very best locations.

New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand – Many would argue that New Zealand could very well be the most beautiful country on earth. With beautiful modern cities, an amazing coastline, great weather, and towering mountains, the amount of activities available is limitless. Some of the must do’s in and around Auckland are 1) travel to the top of the Sky Tower to check out the view; 2) sky jump or bungy off the Auckland Bridge; 3) snorkel Goat Island; and 4) take a tour on the Rain forest express. The options for New Zealand are truly endless. You will need at least 7-10 days on this island, possibly more.  You may not want to come home.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates – When it comes to the best travel destinations in the world, Dubai has moved up the list and has made quite a name for itself. Not only because of the man-made islands it has created such as the “”World”” and “”Palm Jumeriah”” communities designed to draw in the big rollers, but also because of the amazing buildings it has constructed over the last decade. Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world “”Burg Khalifa,”” the largest mall in the world “”Dubai Mall,”” the largest amusement park in the world “”Dubailand,”” and the world’s only 7 Star resort “”Burj Al Dubai.”” Dubai is known as the “”Gold City”” because of its Gold souk which is one of the oldest, and largest, gold markets in the world.




Vancouver, Canada – If you’re looking for a winter wonderland and a place to get some pure fresh air, then Vancouver, British Columbia is the place for you. When it comes to amazing views and natural scenery that blend perfectly with city life of Vancouver, you will be in for an enjoyable vacation. Depending on the time of year you go, your travel schedule will need to be planned accordingly. If going in the winter, you will want to head up to Whistler for some skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobile adventures. In the summer you can enjoy the camping, amazing beaches, trails, wildlife, experience the aboriginal people, and grab some of the best food in the world.


Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand – When it comes to the affordable, best travel destinations, Thailand is your place. Not only is it affordable, but there is so much to do. Whether you take an elephant ride, hang out with Bengal tigers, swim with pink dolphins, hang out on a secluded tropical island, or check out one of the ancient cities, your options are endless. The white, sandy beaches and scenery are second to none in the world and the people are friendly. When going to Thailand, be sure not to have too much fun, because Thailand is one of those places where it is possible to  have just too much fun.



Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janerio, Brazil – There is no city on earth as notoriously known for its festival atmosphere like Rio is known for Carnival. Rio is the embodiment of a good party time, and one of the best travel destinations. But aside from partying, the culture has much to offer, including amazing scenery which can be seen when traveling up the Corcovado to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue which overlooks all of Rio. In this city you will want to take the public transit, utilizing the subway system. The food and drinks in Rio are amazing, and if the opportunity presents itself, do not pass up the opportunity to attend a soccer game, then head out for some Samba lessons. There are many outdoor sights that must be visited in Rio, such as the Orgaos National Park and the amazing tropical rain-forests.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – This is a city of many skyscrapers. Since the island of Hong Kong is also very mountainous, high rise structures litter the skyline. If it’s great food, amazing man-made structures, boat rides, the gorgeous Chinese landscape and affordable shopping you’re looking for, then Hong Kong is what you want. You will have to head over to Lantau Island to visit the Giant Golden Buddah, then come back across the harbor on a ferry to do some shopping at Stanley Market. Since Hong Kong was occupied by the British up until the 1990’s, it is one of the few cities in China where you can get away with not knowing much Chinese because the city still speaks English as its secondary language.



*best travel destinations images are courtesy of Wikitravel.

Best travel destinations on the planet.

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