TOP 10 BEST EDUCATIONAL SITES! Looking for the perfect topic to write your paper on? Or do you have your topic and simply need information to fill it out with? Would you like to give your child a head start on education? Find help with all of this and more. Out top ten best educational sites list links you to some of the best educational sites available. We’ve included sites that can offer information for homework purposes, practice for math, elementary educational game sites, and more!


10. Space.com With skywatching guides, space photos and videos, and a beginner’s guide on telescope use, Space.com has quite a few uses. They also boast a searchable database for their articles. Whether you need information for a science paper, or just love space, Space.com has quite an extensive array of information available for you.

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9. StarFall.com Looking for a site designed to help your child learn how to read? StarFall.com is the site for you. This site is designed for children who are just learning their alphabet, up to early readers. With sing-a-longs, and read-a-long stories with clickable letters and words, StarFall.com is easy to use and fun!

8. KhanAcademy.org Coming in eighth on our list of best educational sites is KhanAcademy.org. This site offers a surplus of information for any who seek it. Their user friendly database provides videos and information on many subjects. The site is well made and full of intriguing topics. This site just may help you out the next time you’re looking for that perfect topic!

7. USA.gov The official site of the US government. This searchable database can lead you to information on numerous topics! With links to official government branches and projects, you can easily find information, facts, statistics and more on topics ranging from science to art, local government to recreation, and much, much more.

6. ScienceDaily.com Looking for the latest information on black holes? This site offers information on all things science. With access to videos, photos, articles, and even book suggestions, ScienceDaily.com is a great resource for any paper, project, or curiosity. ScienceDaily.com covers topics like Fossils & Ruins, Computers & Math, Matter & Energy, Mind & Brain, and more.

5. CoolMath.com Offering more than just math games, CoolMath.com ranks fifth on our list of best educational sites. You can find games to help you with every subject. These intriguing games can help students brush up on their skills, or keep learning in the forefront of their minds even during the summer months.

4. Thesaurus.com This site is useful for English majors, or anyone enrolled in an English class. Not only is it just a thesaurus, but it also links to Dictionary.com. Also found on this site is a translator, and a searchable database of quotes.

3. Google Translate Even though this simple site only offers one service, it made its way to the best educational sites because of its power to translate entire web pages from other languages to the one needed. If you are using Google Chrome while researching your topic and you happen across a page in a different language, with the simple click of a button, Google Translate will have you immersed in your native language on the page within seconds. This tool is extremely useful while searching international subjects.

2. Wikipedia.org Every child should know about Wikipedia.org, the “go to” site for information on practically everything. If you haven’t heard of Wikipedia.org yet, you should start using it. Many of the information available on this site is complete with references listed. Watch for unconfirmed information and educated guesses when using the information provided by Wikipedia.org, and if it’s for a paper, remember to double check the references.

1. HowStuffWorks.com Number one on our list of best educational sites is HowStuffWorks.com. Featuring episodes from How Stuff Works on Discovery, this site is packed full of information! With videos, articles, episodes, quizzes, games, and more on countless topics, this site is sure to leave you feeling informed. For parents, you’ll have just as much fun as your kids will looking up information here.

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