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Facebook f8 returns next month

Facebook just announced the return of what used to be a yearly f8 developer conference.  Following a three-year hiatus, Facebook will open its next one-day f8 meet on April 30 at the San Francisco Design Concourse in San Francisco, California.  Online sources indicate this year’s conference will not include any consumer-product introductions but instead will be very technical in focus.

Because Facebook bought Parse, it is likely that those who attend the meet will be privy to a significant amount of time being spent on their mobile-app development.  It will not be anything like the last event which occurred in September of 2011.  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook will not be hyping any big, new consumer product announcements, or pushing anything like Timeline or the nearly terminated Ticker.



Parse CEO Ilya Sukar stated: “This year, we’re going back to our roots and having a pure developer conference.”  Instead f8 will open with a keynote speech from an as yet to be unidentified business executive—Zuckerberg has not been confirmed or denied–who may discuss information pertaining to Facebook’s mobile ad network, mobile-app ads and Parse.

Sukar confirmed this by commenting: “F8 will open with a morning keynote, followed by four tracks that will cover getting-started guides, technical best practices, infrastructure strategies, engineering deep dives, and advertising tips for making your app or game highly successful.”

Facebook announced last month it had begun a test program partnering with assorted advertisers in order to run their advertisements in mobile apps.  They also stated that details would be forthcoming in the near future.  A spokesperson for Facebook told the press that the event will include up to 1,500 developers, who must apply for a seat in order to attend the event.  Details regarding the registration process will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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