BEST FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS IN ONE SPOT FOR YOUR COLLECTION 2014. Are you looking for a great resource you can check out to download free music? Well look no further than right here. We have compiled a list of the best free music download websites for you to check out and add music to your collection below.


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MP3Skull.com: By far one of the best and easiest sites to use when it comes to downloading free music. All you have to do is enter the name of the artist or the song you are looking for and a bunch of different options for downloading will be available.

MP3Bear.com: Pretty much the same as MP3Skull. MP3Bear has a lot of different links for downloads, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Typically, the first five links are the best ones to choose from.

Youtube.com: You wouldn’t initially think of Youtube as a place where you can download free music, but just by using a Youtube video to mp3 converter like VidtoMP3, you can download an infinite number of songs.

PirateBay.org: While the PirateBay is a good place to download applications and games, it is also a useful tool when it comes to downloading free music. This site has a ton of torrents for music downloads. No doubt you will be able to find the song you’re looking for on this site.

4Shared.com: While 4Shared may have a smaller selection than the sites listed above, the credibility of this site is strong. It is guaranteed that any mp3 file you download from this site will be virus free and legitimate.

MP3World.com: This site has gigabytes full of music from all around the world. Whatever type of music you’re looking for, Mp3World will have it.

MusicMP3.ru: While this site may not be as popular as the others, it has all the right tools to make it one of the best music download sites. MusicMP3 has a variety of songs to download and a great search tool that makes it easy to pinpoint the song you are looking for.

Mp3Lemon.com: Mp3Lemon may have a funny name, but this site is no laughing matter for music lovers looking to score free music downloads. If you don’t mind the ads, this site is a great place to find some fast and easy music downloads.

Mp3Juices.com: This site has all the juice and power to provide you the best download links at no cost to you. This music download site has a great selection of songs and can be accessed from both the web and phone.

MP3.com: Last, but certainly not least, is Mp3.com. This site has a lot to offer in terms of free music downloads and is a great place to download virus free music.

There you have the TOP 10 FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD SITES 2014 list. These sites made the list because of their high quality of music content and low budget cost to download. Try these sites out if you’re looking for some great music to download for free.

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There is our list of the TOP 10 FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS in 2014.

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