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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Disappears With 239 Passengers Aboard

A Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared from radar and lost radio contact somewhere over the South China Sea some time Saturday morning. The airline has not given up hope yet that the plane may still have landed safely somewhere with the passengers aboard. The airline stated that there was no sign of distress, no messages, or signals coming from the aircraft, so they cannot be certain that the plane crashed or not. China sent ships out on a search and rescue mission as did Malaysia and Vietnam, looking through the water to see if there was any sign of wreckage. Searches will continue until further notice.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Disappears With 239 Passengers Aboard

Malaysia Airline Boeing 777Families and friends were notified about the incident shortly after the airline confirmed that they had lost contact with the plane. This caused a mild state of panic as many people frantically called around and bombarded the airline with calls inquiring about the safety of their loved ones. Of the 239 people aboard the jet, 12 of those were crew members and 227 were passengers. Most of the passengers aboard this flight were of Chinese nationality and were returning home from their trips to Malaysia.

The aircraft in question is one of the Boeing 777-200 jets, one of which also recently crashed within the past year. Approximately 2 hours into the flight the air traffic controllers lost radio contact with the pilots on Flight MH370, as they were located just off the coast of Vietnam. This incident is most likely not the result of an inexperienced crew, as the captain of the aircraft had approximately 33 years experience flying for Malaysian Airlines.

Despite efforts to locate any wreckage on land or at sea near the aircraft’s last known coordinates, rescue efforts will continue in the morning again. In the meantime, the ships are continuing to search the areas most likely to contain any trace of the jet if it did crash in water. There was an oil slick spotted in the water, which is suspected to belong to the missing flight, but no accompanying wreckage was located to substantiate that. The airline, as well as friends and family hold out hope that the plane landed safely somewhere without reporting any malfunctions, though at this time there is no confirmation of either fate.

Much of the information obtained in this report is compiled from official statements posted by the Malaysian Airlines. Featured image of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 from Wikipedia.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Disappears With 239 Passengers Aboard.

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