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Michael Sam Turns Down White House to Concentrate on Football–But Does He?

Michael Sam wants to be looked at as just another player heading in to the draft. So when he was invited to the White House did he accept the invitation?



Most people would jump at the chance to accept an invitation to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Those very same people would not fault him had he decided to go, but if he wants to be looked at as just any other football would that be a good idea. If he was being invited because of something related to his talent on the field–okay. However, the invite had nothing to do with that, but his coming out.

So instead of accepting the honor he turned it down, but not without reason. He wants to concentrate on preparing for Missouri’s Pro Day on March 20 and the coming draft.

“We respectfully declined,” his adviser, Howard Bragman said. “As much fun as I would have had and he would have had going, it sends the wrong message. If he gets on a team and plays well, he’ll probably be invited next year. I don’t want people to think that he’s interested in anything other than getting ready for the draft.”

It makes sense. His performance at the Combine was not the best. After earning Co-Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC last season you would have thought he’d have done better. Instead he left people thinking he was not as good as advertised and possibly not worth the distraction.

At the same time maybe his workouts were impacted since he came out due to the media attention. Sam and no one from his camp have floated the excuse, but it could be. Either way if he is going to do better come Missouri’s Pro Day he needs to stick to his workouts.

So than why open up an online store selling ‘Stand With Sam’ merchandise?

Sam has touched a lot of people and the support that many have shown him has been inspiring to say the least. With that in mind and his new found notoriety adding an online store to his website MichaelSam.com is a logical step. If he is concentrating on football though the move could be deemed as a little questionable.

Maybe his agent, adviser, or family members are operating so he can stick to training. Maybe he is concentrating on trying to be the best football player he can be. Otherwise it looks like he is trying to make money because he’s gay, and someone that wants to be just another player would not do something like that.

At least not until he’s drafted that is.

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