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TOP 10 BEST SITES TO WATCH ANIME ONLINE! Tired of digging through site after site in a hopeless search to find the best place to watch anime online? Check out our top 10 list of best sites to watch anime online! Whether you are searching for your all-time favorite, or looking to peruse new content, you will surely find it here.


1. CrunchyRoll Rated number one for a reason! Many sites that provide anime online are ad supported, and that often means a barrage of ads bombarding your screen with pixelated shrapnel to the point of reducing your coveted “play” button to a mere sliver. While you could opt to endure this maddening battle for control of your screen, you could also treat your sanity to the surprisingly negligible amount of ads that are involved with the free membership of CrunchyRoll. Better yet, for a very fair membership cost, you can avoid the ad war altogether. Many hours can easily be spent exploring their library, and the quality is exceptional.

2. GoGoAnime While this is one of those aforementioned sites to watch anime online that runs the risk of causing you to rage quit, they do boast quite an extensive library. You are likely to find all of your favorites and a lot of new content as well!

3. Hulu One of the most popular sites to catch up on your favorite television series’, they offer quite a decent selection of anime online as well. If you’re not familiar with Hulu yet, the ads are quite minimal, appearing throughout the show as a commercial would. These are also typically well placed, ensuring that your main character isn’t cut off mid-sentence in a dramatic scene.

4. AnimeFreak Although this site also utilizes the dreaded “ad supported” approach, they do have a sizable library, and all available from the front page, no searching required!

5. Funimation Providing the opportunity to watch anime online with no ads, this site also delivers a dub/sub option. Of course, as would be expected, the content is somewhat limited, but you can also expect to find a fair selection of movies here.

6. Netflix Of course Netflix had to be mentioned. While they do require a subscription, their offerings are decent, and searching is user friendly, enabling you to search by category or directly by name. Of course the quality is top notch, and with the ability to utilize the service from various electronic devices, it’s worth the monthly fee.

7. AnimeNewsNetwork While the content is definitely good quality and the selection is satisfactory, the one aspect that took some getting used to was navigation. Be wary of the search bar in the top right hand corner, as it masquerades as a site search, yet mischievously pulls up a google page front and center with nothing that will get you closer to the next episode.

8. AnimeLinkz Definitely worth checking out. The ads aren’t too overwhelming, and their library contains anime as well as cartoons! Quality of content is decent, and selection is ample, containing both oldies (but goodies) and newer shows.

9. AnimeSeason This site has one of the best filter options available, allowing you to apply multiple filters to hone in on what you’re in the mood to watch. Offering a fairly good selection of titles, with good quality and the added ability to select from three different video streams, this site also makes the cut.

10. AnimeCrazy This site offers a good selection of anime online, user friendly search, and the added bonus of many shows being available subbed and dubbed (check beneath the embedded video for options available). One thing to watch out for is the occasional ad popping up in the background on auto-play.

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