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22 Pound Cat Subdued By Portland Police After Attacking 7 Month Old

You may normally hear about a family dog attacking a young child in a home, but you rarely picture a cat doing the same. Sure, some cats can be terrifying and have some down right nasty tempers too. In Portland Oregon on Sunday a 22 pound Himalayan cat named Lux attacked the families 7 month old baby and left them all fearing for their safety. The cat became agitated and lashed out at the infant causing the entire family (including the trusty dog) to lock themselves in a bedroom for safety.

22 Pound Cat Subdued By Portland Police After Attacking 7 Month Old

22 Pound Cat Attacks FamilyOfficers from the Portland Police Department arrived at the home and caught the cat with a snare around its neck as it fled for higher ground atop the refrigerator. After catching the cat the officers placed it in a pet carrier and left it with the family to decide what to do with the cat. The family said that they wanted to keep the cat, but cautiously keep an eye on its behavior in the future.

The 7 month old suffered some scratches on its forehead from the cat, but should heal just fine. The cat was apparently further upset with the family after the father attempted to remove it from his child. That is when the cat turned on the family and began chasing them around the house as if it was going to attack. Even as the family secured themselves in their bedroom to call 911 the operator could hear the cats assault on the bedroom door. Even when the police arrived the cat refused to give up easily.

Some people may question the family’s decision to keep the cat around their child, especially after attacking their infant and making them all flee in terror from its violent rampage. It is not typical for healthy cats to behave in this way, and the best thing for the family to do may be to surrender the cat to someone who can address its psychological needs.

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22 Pound Cat Subdued By Portland Police After Attacking 7 Month Old.

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  • GreenThunder

    loooool…beware of Goliath

  • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

    ….A 22 pound cat? One kick and you could kill it. It’s not like it’s a 50-75 pound dog that could latch onto your leg with its mouth and lock its jaws. Also the baby suffered a few scratches on the forehead and will heal just fine? How is this a story? Sounds like the baby was crawling around and decided to mess with the cat and the cat got upset and turned around and clawed the baby. This is such a non-story.

  • eeenok

    it’s sobering how many people have no ability to control what is in reality a dangerous animal, and merely rely on a fingers-crossed approach. my guess is that these people are far more likely to seek professional help than most people who own a similar ticking time bomb. i would suggest that, in an extreme emergency, the smaller feline is not evolutionarily equipped to handle many professional wrestling moves, such as the diving elbow drop; although in most circumstances very few cats can do anything about being scruffed by the neck with an exceedingly firm grip and held at arm’s length