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7 Year Old Josh Hardy Denied Life-Saving Medication By Drug Company

Josh Hardy is a 7 year old boy from Fredericksburg who should be enjoying himself at school and on the playground of his Elementary School, but instead he battles a virus that is killing him. His family huddles around him at the hospital praying for some cure or relief for their child as he vomits blood frequently. Their hope is that Josh will be allowed to take an experimental drug that has a chance to combat the virus so that he can get better. Those hopes may be short-lived if the company Chimerix does not approve him to take one of their upcoming medications.

7 Year Old Josh Hardy Denied Life-Saving Medication By Drug Company

Save Josh HardyChimerix is the manufacturer of a drug that may or may not have the ability to help Josh’s weakened immune system fight off the virus that has damaged his kidneys and other organs. So far they have denied the Hardy family’s requests to allow Josh to take the experimental medication before it is approved by the FDA. At it’s current course, Chimerix expects for this drug to reach the approval state by the FDA in about 2 years, but for now it is just in a clinical trial stage. Since Josh was not part of the clinical trials for the drug, the family was left to seek approval for him to take it under the guidelines for Compassionate Use that the FDA allows for terminally ill patients.

The drug manufacturer claims that they will not be able to financially provide the life-saving medication that Josh needs because the costs to supply him the medications would amount to far more than the small company can currently handle. Additionally, if the company agreed to let Josh Hardy take the drug, then they would be subjected to allow other ill patients who have requested use to take it too. This could cause the company to suffer financial stress that could risk the ability for this drug to reach production and help other patients in the near future.

Chimerix labels themselves as a producer of therapeutic treatments for those who suffer from various viruses and illnesses. They manufacture and research compounds that can be effective antiviral medications for ill patients. Some of their medications are used in the treatment of viruses such as HIV and Herpes Simplex.

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7 Year Old Josh Hardy Denied Life-Saving Medication By Drug Company.

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  • GreenMarine

    $50,000 is the cost of treatment, a pittance for the life of a precious child.

    It isn’t about money, its about avoiding adverse events, getting FDA approval and making the company’s investors money in the long run. The FDA and Chimerex are both at fault.