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Juan Pablo ‘The Bachelor’ Tweets ‘The Soap Opera Comes to an End’

The perhaps most dramatic season of “The Bachelor” is coming to a swift end, and even Juan Pablo is onboard with the season finally ending. Though almost every season has been dubbed “the most dramatic season ever,” this season might actually take the cake over all others.

Whether you hate or love the show, it is understandable that all viewers complain about current Bachelor Juan Pablo. Whether it is his annoying idioms, his lack of care, or his emotional detachment from everyone but his daughter, Camilia, it has been perhaps the craziest season ever.

Juan Pablo

Bachelor Juan Pablo’s quest for love ends tonight(hopefully).
Image courtesy of Facebook.

Juan Pablo announced what everyone in the world is thinking by taking to his Twitter account to write: “The day has COME… Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END….”

Even the bachelor himself agrees that the antics that have evolved over the season have been a little over the top and is looking forward to the end tonight as he chooses between two girls, Clare and Nikki.

Clare has been a frontrunner for most of the season, even though she started off the first episode faking a pregnancy when she stepped out of the limo sporting a fake baby bump in her flowing pink gown.

Then there is Nikki, the blonde hair beauty has also been a front runner for most of the season, with Juan Pablo even going so far as to introducing Nikki to his daughter during one of the previous episodes.

And the best catch of all? The girls absolutely cannot stand each other, made evident by their ongoing catfights that have ensued all throughout the season.

While he has an undeniable connection with both, it will be difficult to guess which lady will end up with the final rose. Will Juan Pablo propose to either of his two contenders? Only tonight will tell in the epic season finale on ABC.

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