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Los Angeles Police Arrest Suspected Man for 2012 Dismembered Body Parts Case

A suspect has been arrested by Los Angeles police in connection with a high-profile murder of a retired flight attendant whose body was dismembered and found near the iconic Hollywood sign in 2012, officials in Los Angeles said Monday.

Gabriel Campos Martinez, 38, was arrested on Sunday and is suspected of murdering 66-year-old Harvey Coronado Medellin, a retired Mexicana Airlines employee, according to the Los Angeles police Department.

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Los Angeles Police found dismembered body parts near the famous Hollywood sign in 2012.
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Medellin’s head was found severed in January 2012 by two women who were hiking a trail with their dogs near the Hollywood sign, the Los Angeles police department said. One of the women’s dogs, which was off its leash at the time, started to play with a plastic bag which contained Medellin’s head. When the dog shook the bag, the head fell out of the bag, leading to the grizzly discovery. Other body parts were found in close proximity to the head with the assistance of a cadaver dog, police said.

Martinez is being held without bail in San Antonio, TX and is awaiting extradition according to the LAPD. He was described in an April 2012 affidavit as being Medellin’s boyfriend whom he lived with.

Medellin’s neighbors told NBC Southern California, that he lived in an apartment complex south of Bronson Canyon Park, close in proximity to the Hollywood sign, about 5 miles away. And family members in Texas told the station that he worked for Mexicana Airlines for 25 years before retiring.

More than 120 police officers, firefighters, and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies searched for two days straight the 7 acres of the park before making the gruesome discovery.

Police have said they believe the victim was killed somewhere else and then his remains were later dumped inside the park; a park that attracts hundreds of hikers and dog walkers each day.

The park is just  a short distance from the glitz and glam of Hollywood and other nearby tourist attractions.

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