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Shocking Transformation: Dog Saved From Pile of Trash

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Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook page “paw my gosh”.


When it comes to animal rescue stories this one here sure is hard to top. This homeless dog was discovered by a group in Canada, the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, with matted hair leaving him nearly unrecognizable. Thankfully he was saved.

To help animals like this contact the ASPCA or Humane Society by either donating or adopting.

For more amazing animal rescue stories like this, check out ‘Paw My Gosh’ on Facebook.

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  • Randy Janssen

    The HSUS is not your
    local animal shelter. The HSUA has been hijacked by radical animal
    rights activist. It is an over 150 million dollar corporation that
    spends almost every dime it gets on obscene salaries and filing
    lawsuits. It raises money by showing ads of cute dogs and cats, but
    it spends less then 1 cent on the dollar to feed and shelter cats
    and dogs. The HSUS is being investigated for fraud and it was
    convicted of racketeering in Florida. More and more members of
    congress are questioning the tax free status of the HSUS because of
    its political activities. The HSUS IS AGAINST RODEO AND WESTERN
    MEAT. The HSUS says it spends 79% of its money for animal welfare
    programs, but it does not say what they are. The HSUS has been
    accused of paying employees to abuse animals and videoing the abuse
    as proof that meat production should be stopped. The HSUS uses some
    of its money to change our eating habits and standard of living by
    working to outlaw farming methods which are used on family farms.
    The HSUS is bad for America so don’t applaud its lackeys. If you
    want to support something think about giving to the child fund, St.
    Jude, the Wounded Warriors, or you local food bank. If you want to
    help animals, give money to you local animal shelter. Giving money
    to the HSUS is throwing money away on a bloated bureaucracy that
    waste it on salaries and litigation. It claims to do good but if you
    really look at what it does, it only piggybacks on the work of local

    • http://brainwashnews.com/ BrainwashNews.com

      I appreciate you bringin this to light as I had never heard of this. A long time ago when I lived in Gainesville Florida, the city their has only one animal shelter that works with animal control. It is a no kill shelter. They dont get funding from the city but the majority of their budget comes from the humane society US. and then they earn 50 dollar donation from the adoptions but that includes the basic vacinations the pet needs. I know this because I volunteered for them a long time ago. Anyways, I just wanted to point out to you that thousands of cities across the US have Humane Society animal shelters that operate 100% with no funds from their city governments. So your statement that only 1% of the money goes to helping animals is hard to believe. Some of the other stuff you said may be true, I’m not sure myself, but the 1% thing doesnt sound legit at all. And when you write 1 ridiculous statement, it makes the reader start to doubt all your other statements. Just my thoughts.

      • Randy Janssen

        The only thing the national animal
        rights groups like the ASPCA, HSUS and PETA seem to be good at, is
        publicity to raise money. Taking care of animals is way down at the
        bottom of their agenda.

        These are from a local animal
        shelter’s plea for money:

        Please keep in mind, we are a
        501(c)(3) nonprofit and do not receive any help from ASPCA, HSUS,
        PETA, etc. We need your donations to help keep our doors open so we
        can continue helping local homeless pets as we have for the past
        30-plus years. Specify who your tax-deductible donation is for with
        complete address where notification or acknowledgment should be sent
        and your complete address. We will do the rest.

        This is from another shelter:

        We’ve all seen the Sarah McLachlan
        ASPCA commercials — and become numb to them. Don’t get us wrong,
        we want to help the animals, but we’re not really sure how the
        horrific images and sad song really does anything for local shelters.
        But when Charleston Animal Society and C. Wonder team up on Fri. May
        30, we’ll know where the money goes. And you get a little something
        too for helping out the cause — breakfast and 10 percent off your
        full-price purchases. During the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., C.
        Wonder (285 King St.) will donate 20 percent of the event’s
        proceeds to the shelter.

        A third shelter said this:

        Make CHS Your Pet Project

        The Casper Humane Society is not supported by city, state, or
        national funds (including The Humane Society of the United States).
        All revenue comes from donations, bequests, memorials, adoption fees,
        and fund drives.

        The problem with national animal rights
        groups is that the talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk.

        They just seem to be in it for the
        money. If you want to help animals, give to your local shelter.

        • http://brainwashnews.com/ BrainwashNews.com

          hmmm, I am surprised by that. I guess I was wrong but I am disappointed too.