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22-pound cat attacks owners (update)

A 22–pound cat named Lux attacked an infant and trapped its owners and their dog in a bedroom in Portland, Oregon before being subdued by Portland police officers reported authorities on Monday.  The actual incident occurred prior to 8:00 p.m. Sunday night when the black-and-white heinous Himalayan house cat attacked and scratched a 7-month-old infant on the forehead reported Sergeant Pete Simpson, spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau.

While there has been no word on the motives behind the feline’s felonious attack on the infant, it is believed that the baby’s father kicking the cat’s “keister” following the scratching incited the feline’s fierce rage and forced the family and their dog to retreat into another room as the father dialed 911.  Simpson said the cat ran after the owners–The Barker family–and trapped them by blocking the doorway.  He also stated the angry, screeching cat can be heard on the recorded 911 call.

22-pound cat

Himalayan cat

The 22-pound cat reportedly “went over the edge” and would charge the door whenever the family opened the door to try and escape.  The father told the 911 operator: “He’s trying to attack us.  He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

In fact, Simpson noted: “(the father) said that the cat has a history of violence.”  Upon arriving at the scene officers entered the apartment an saw the crazed cat run into the kitchen “attempting to flee custody,” The police were prepare with a dog snare.  Lux then leapt up onto the refrigerator where officers quickly captured the 22-pound cat incarcerating it into a travel kennel.

The frightened family was then given the “all clear” from the responding officers.  Simpson reported the caged cat was left in the custody of its family and the “officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city.”  Simpson said the family had not decided on a further course of action regarding their fearsome felonious feline.

The Barker baby suffered no other injuries beyond the initial scratches.  Simpson concluded that while he has heard of several cases involving crazed canines, in two decades on the force he never previously heard of a out of control 22-pound cat.  When last seen Monday Lux was reportedly hiding under a blanket.

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  • getreal5

    The people need to be checked for abusing animals and possibly children. There may be something wrong medically with the cat to cause aggressive behavior but the man kicking it is just plain wrong. They should do a “Cat from hell” episode as Jackson Galaxy can probably help them.

  • Regula

    Maybe if they treated the cat a bit more gently and gave it some attention so it doesn’t feel so excluded and cast aside by the baby, this would all not have resulted in such a scene. Cats can get jealous, especially when neutered/spayed, because they so entirely depend on the owner for feeding it. Kicking a cat frightens a cat to death and some will fight back – rightfully so. Why should they be kicked but not have a right to defend themselves? Apparently the scratches to the baby were exaggerated. But this family doesn’t seem to have much understanding for either, animals or children.

  • Pat

    The husband needs a good swift kick in his keister. That’s animal abuse punishable by law in case you didn’t know buddy. How many times has he hit the cat before this? The ASPCA should investigate him and take that cat away. It’s not the cat’s fault. Now the cat is hiding under a blanket??? Him and the wife probably scream and yell at the cat every five minute. They should surrender the cat to a reputable NO KILL shelter and let someone adopt it that will give it the love, patience, and attention that it needs. Someone with no children or other pets. This is NOT fair to the cat or the people.

    • Bhokara

      I wouldn’t have a cat with claws in the house with my baby, but if a cat scratched my baby, it would be dead within 10 seconds. You need a good swift kick in the keister.

      • Pat

        Oh you’re so tough Bhokara. Grow a brain and stop trying to act like Hulk Hogan. Please try to comment on this situation with a little finesse. Animal abuse is punishable by law. Look it up.

  • Will Phoenix

    My colleague had first covered the story publishing about half an hour before I was ready to publish my piece. Initially, wire service reports were scant so since my colleague had already put something out there I held off for a little bit and decided to update the story. I have to say there were differences between what was on the 911 call, what they told police on the scene and what they later/have since told other reporters. If not for the fact that their baby was scratched this would have been a ridiculous story. Oh! To be fair the cat might have simply been hiding from the local TV station people who showed up at their house just prior to my publishing this update. This is actually becoming an international story–weird. Anyway, thanks to ALL of you for reading my stuff!

    • Pat

      Will, is the baby alright? Do you think there was any long-term abuse to the cat? One more thing, are they going to give the cat up? I hope so. Possibly to a no kill shelter where they can adopt it out to a home where it will receive more attention.

      • Will Phoenix

        Hi Pat,
        The last I heard the baby was fine. It was scratched but otherwise fine. To be honest I think we–the press–had a bit of fun in terms of the cat. I know i am guilty of having a penchant for alliteration for example and used a word like fierce because it fit with feline but seriously it is a cat not a wild boar. I have no doubt the cat went crazy but the last I heard it had settled down and was keeping to itself. Honestly, if a baby had not been involved this would have been a really silly, stupid story and the owners are being mocked online as we speak. .

        • Pat

          Hi Will, well I’m glad the baby is o.k. and that the cat has settled down. You know, I have. Four year old female Rag doll cat that I adopted and it was a similar situation. The couple had her since a kitten and she was the only one and received all of the attention. Then they had a baby and she was pushed in the background and was acting out. She was wetting on their bed and Rag dolls as Himalayans are very docile, loving cats, so every time she tried to snuggle up to the baby they scolded her. Cats are very intelligent animals, second in line to chimpanzees, and Himalayans are extremely intelligent. This cat as mine was is very unhappy and acted out. I hope the couple will realize this sooner than later and surrender it to a No Kill shelter and let someone (with no children or other animals) adopt it. It will never work out and they will continue to have problems. Thanks for responding. Maybe you can talk to them:) As for the husband kicking the cat, that is a definite no no. And I,m willing to bet this wasn’t the first time.

          • Pat

            And Will, may I say my cat has never wet in my home once other than her litter box and she has the most amazing personality. She is very happy here and settled in immediately. I have had her since April 2013. Her owners loved her enough to see what was truly going on and what she needed to thrive. Keep up the good work.

          • Will Phoenix

            Well, I have cats also and yes they do do things like pee in odd places when they are upset–absolutely! I think after this event they might just have a clue by now lol! Regarding the kick that was weird also, Some reports I later read after publishing my update was that the man hit him BUT maybe that was just bad translation. Anyway, enjoy your cat and thanks again for reading my stuff !