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Drunken Captain Spencer Erwin Abandons 30 Snorkelers on Hawaiian Tour Excursion

A group of thirty people were out enjoying a beautiful snorkeling adventure in the waters of Keauhou Bay only to find themselves abandoned by the ship’s drunken captain, Spencer Erwin, as per the Daily Mail.

Despite paying $100 per person for the excursion through tour company Iruka Hawaii, the group was heads down in the Hawaiian waters as Captain Spencer Erwin sailed off to a tranquil spot for his drunken slumber.

Captain Spencer Erwin

Drunken Captain Spencer Erwin abondons 30 snorkelers in Hawaii
Courtesy of Facebook

Pononui Lealao, a tour boat captain for another tour company, Kona Ocean Adventures, found Erwin and his boat, The Sea Wolf, drifting offshore. Mr. Lealao described Captain Spencer Erwin as being dazed but unhurt. He was able to tow The Sea Wolf back to Honokohau Harbor.

The group of snorkelers were safely rescued and taken back to shore by Aloha Kona Tours vessel.

Mr. Lealao told KITV: “When they were done with the tour, they didn’t have a boat to go back to. The guy went out, and I don’t know what happened, he just disappeared.”

Upon reaching the harbor, Erwin was met by the police and apprehended for suspicion of operating the vehicle while under the influence.

Police have since released Erwin pending further investigations into the case.

Erwin’s Facebook page lists him as being a captain for two tour operations: Iruka Tours and Ko Olina Ocean Adventures. His place of residence is sited as Kailua, which is a beach town known for its soft white sand, turquoise water and as a hub for water sports.

Although Captain Spencer Erwin is employed in Hawaii, his page shows that he is originally from Wisconsin and studied at the University of Wisconsin.

The Iruka Hawaii tour company released a statement saying the company regrets the incident and is suspending all of its tours in Kona until they can wholeheartedly know that such an occurrence will not happen again.












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