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Is Project Free TV Legal?

On-demand video streaming is becoming more and more popular but Project Free TV specifically has been a source for many people to watch shows or movies that they want to watch, when they want to watch them. Though, it isn’t legal.

Project Free TV is not legal - photo courtesy of imgur

Project Free TV is not legal – photo courtesy of imgur

Services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have capitalized heavily on the on-demand video service market, however, Project Free TV is different in that it truly is that; Free. The fact that it is free and offers up arguably the widest variety of content available makes it very popular.

Project Free TV works by providing links to its users based on their search. For instance, if someone searches for The Walking Dead, the site will provide a list of links to stream the show.

The potential problem is that often times the videos being streamed from Project Free TV, or other sites like it, are typically engaging in copyright infringement.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), this is known as streaming theft.

“Streaming refers to a form of online content theft that allows users to view unauthorized copyrighted motion picture and television content on demand, without downloading the illegal file. Users generally visit illegal websites that either host the streamed content or provide links to content hosted on other websites.”

This is how Project Free TV is able to run. Because they are only providing links to content and not hosting it directly, they are able to continue to operate. They are just facilitating it and even warn against federal copyright law.

Similar to what happened with the music industry in the early 2000’s, many people don’t see streaming movies or downloading something illegally as harmful, in fact, many feel it should be the norm. It should also be noted that not all of the content on these sites is illegal, but the majority of it is. Odds are if it is a recent episode of a popular show or recently released movie, it is not going to be legal to stream it for free.

People who decide to use sites like Project Free TV in spite of the legal implications should take precautions as many of the links have been known to cause viruses and other computer problems.

Is Project Free TV Legal?


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