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Minuum keyboard 2.0 free on Google

The smarter virtual Minuum keyboard lets users do more with less.

The Minuum keyboard, created by the Toronto-based Canadian company Whirlscape, Inc. (a Y Combinator startup), is reported to be a more intelligent virtual keyboard that allows additional mobile screen space.  It also makes typing—especially for those with ‘big fingers”—easier, faster and notably accurate.  Fresh out of beta, it now sports a new look, fast access to emoji symbols, multi-language support, between application text sharing capability and overall improvements in accuracy and speed.

minuum keyboard

Minuum Keyboard

Will Walmsley, chief executive officer of Whirlscape, Inc. stated: “We’re working to make Minuum the best keyboard option for all touchscreen and wearable devices.  Beta testing has allowed us to iterate on our original design, and we’ve been encouraged by immensely positive reviews on Google Play. Now we’re at the stage where the keyboard for Android is ready to be more widely used.”

The Minuum keyboard is touted to be run by “revolutionary, patent-pending auto-correction algorithms” that enable the Minuum keyboard to be an unrivaled input method for touchscreens, smart televisions, smart watches and any other type of gesture-controlled or wearable device including Google Glass and Leap Motion.

Since word of the Minuum keyboard was first announced in March of 2013, public interest is said to have been the device’s “hallmark” when the company’s Indiegogo campaign overwhelmingly exceeded its original funding goal.  In fact, online sources indicate that the campaign slotted into “Indiegogo’s top 10 of all time” as well as number two out of all technology-related funding campaigns.

Almost 1.3 million individuals across the globe watched Minuum’s “teaser video”, and strongly expressed their enthusiasm and support for the Minuum keyboard.  Their excitement has, in fact, been building since the device was in beta.  The Minuum keyboard’s ratings on the Play Store have also been climbing.  A free 30-day trial of Minuum 2.0 –which will sell for $3.99–is now available on Google Play.

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