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Fear of Autism Causes Kristin Cavallari To Not Vaccinate Children

Kristin Cavallari has decided not to vaccinate hers due to fear of Autism.  Cavallari has read literature that has brought her to believe this is the best decision for her children.

Fear of Autism Causes Kristin Cavallari To Not Vaccinate Children
Fear of Autism Causes Kristin Cavallari To Not Vaccinate Children

Kristin Cavalleri.

Cavallari is married to Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears.  They have once son together and she is also expecting their second son.  She did not vaccinate her first son and does not plan to vaccinate her second either.

Other stars, such as Jenny McCarthy, have come out with their beliefs that vaccinations are related to the rise in Autism.  McCarthy’s son has Autism, which she believes is caused by his vaccinations as a child.  Autism rates in children have been rising, but could there be other factors besides vaccinations that could be playing into the rising rates?

Not vaccinating children could have some potentially harmful consequences.  Measles is showing up again and it is a disease that was pretty much put to rest when vaccinations started being given.  The effects of the diseases that are vaccinated against can be life altering or can even kill their victim.  Is it worth the risk?

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Fear of Autism Causes Kristin Cavallari To Not Vaccinate Children


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  • James Weller

    “Polio has not been eradicated by vaccination, it is lurking behind a
    redefinition and new diagnostic names like viral or aseptic
    meningitis…According to one of the 1997 issues of the MMWR there
    are some 30,000 to 50,000 cases of viral meningitis in the United
    States alone. That’s where all those 30,000 – 50,000 cases of polio
    disappeared after the introduction of mass vaccination”
    Dr. Vera Schiebner

    Research all this stuff out. There is much more.

    • PTWonk

      The good doctor Schiebner is not a MD… she has never done medical research and her selective review of other scientist’s poor research leaves any conclusions she makes beyond suspect. In other words, she is an aged flake with no qualifications for making the statements she has made. Of course, everyone has the right to their own opinion.

      • James Weller

        Her research is right.

    • aspblom

      totally paranoid, low IQ stuff

    • Albert Stroberg

      I am an orthopedic surgeon who has treated many children for the ravages of polio. That clinic has closed because there are no children with that disease. I continue to treat children with other muscle-skeletal conditions and none looks like polio.
      Also gone are H.Flu septic arthritis, rubella babies and several others – and they are not hiding as something else. This concept is rubbish.
      On the other hand not only are her children open to several diseases besides measles, worse she endangers folks in our community -young and old- with compromised immune systems, like me after cancer treatment. What a bad person.


        “she endangers folks in our community”

        Boogita boogita, tell me another scary ghost story doctor, here is another payment for my appointment so you can buy another home in the Florida keys lol

      • James Weller

        “In 1954 the Americans pushed forward a polio campaign. What happened
        within the first year was that to their horror they found that
        particularily one type of the polio vaccine was causing polio.
        Because the vaccine is not a killed virus, your giving polio in a
        partly killed form. They got rid of that particular type of the
        vaccine. Then they realized that all the forms of the polio vaccine
        caused polio. So what they did is redefine it. They only called it
        polio if you still had paralysis after 60 days. Now in most cases
        polio paralysis resolves after a few days. So that’s how the
        statistics of polio went down. By changing the definitions.” Dr. David Ritchie

  • Valy Ci

    what an idiot

  • Kate Johnson

    …..and I care what some athletes bimbo wife does because?

  • set

    God help any mother that bases her decisions on her child’s health from some has-been or never-was reality “star”. I cannot fathom that one single person on this planet would take this chic’s word for anything, especially considering
    her research consists of “lots of books about Autism and studies”. She’s a genius, folks.

  • PhotoMaineAC

    I love women with brains of their own!

    Mystery injections have never made any sense……other than the Profit$!

  • aspblom

    Boy is she stupid. Low, low intelligence

  • JJ

    So glad to see smart people chiming in.
    McCarthy should be brought up on charges of child endangerment for
    her little “campaign.”

  • Betty Eyer

    The whole vaccination autism link has been discredited thoroughly, even by the man who initiated it. I hope her children don’t pay the price for her stupidity with their health.


      Uhhhhhh no it has not been discredited. Sheeple will believe anything.. lol

      • Betty Eyer

        Dr Wakefield, who started the controversy, has been discredited and disbarred on the basis of fraud used in the study that produced the report. The report itself has been recanted. The only sheeple involved are the ones who still believe his fraud.


    She is 100% correct to be worried, Once and for all. Vaccines CAUSE Autism. Lets face facts, we have never been pummeled more to get all these new “shots” and we have never seen so much Autism in society, its not only fact but anyone with eyes and ears can see what is going on. Its about getting pharma companies rich, and you screwed. After all, those BMWs don’t pay for themselves.

    Just look at the comments here, like a bunch of sheep lined up for their complainance shots.

  • Curt Oleski

    Causes of Autism

    Everyone inherits certain traits from their parents. Genes are the
    biological mechanism through which we inherit these traits. At the same
    time, there are important environmental factors that influence how these
    biological traits are expressed. This complex interplay between our
    genes and our environment is known among researchers as the “nature
    versus nurture” debate. Traditionally, it has been difficult for
    researchers to design a research study that can determine how much of a
    trait is determined by what we inherit through our genes and how much of
    the trait is influenced by our environment. The decoding of the human
    genome at the beginning of the 21st century has ushered in a new era in
    research. Now that the entire human genome has been mapped, autism
    researchers are beginning to be able to design research that will help
    us understand the complex interplay between genes and the environment in
    determining autistic behavior.

    Early Diagnosis

    Until very recently, it was difficult to diagnose a child with autism
    before the age of 3; in the past, many children were not diagnosed until
    school age. In 1998, the NIH sponsored a conference to establish
    standardized assessment tools for the early diagnosis of autism spectrum
    disorders. There are now published studies that confirm that early
    diagnosis is vital to the future of children with autism, and assessment
    tools have been developed to help health care professionals make these
    diagnoses at younger ages.

    Early Intervention

    Related to early diagnosis is early intervention. According to a report
    from the National Research Council, prompt educational intervention is
    key to helping children with autism learn the skills needed for
    self-care, school success, and community functioning. There is, at
    present, some research to support early intervention based on the
    principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), but beyond this, the
    evaluation of intervention lacks scientific validation. On September
    5?6, 2002, the NIH held a workshop in which the leading researchers in
    psychosocial interventions for autism

    discussed their plan for conducting more rigorous scientific research into the best methods of early intervention. took a minute to find this article online