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LG Lucid 3 leaked online

According to “leaks” from various online sources, LG will be releasing a new follow up phone—the LG Lucid 3–to its mid-range Lucid 2 smartphone and it may be heading to Verizon Wireless.  Since the news is unofficial it is no surprise that details about a specific release date, hardware “specs” or even pricing is still unavailable.  Nevertheless, information about an obvious design change for the LG Lucid 3 is prevalent.

LG Lucid 3

The leaked image of the new LG Lucid 3

The [popular belief that the LG Lucid 3 will be heading for Verizon is quite likely since the LG Lucid 2 has already been out for about a year.  Online experts suggest “a hardware refresh” would be far from out of the question.  Assuming the leaked image is indeed accurate it appears that LG has chosen to take their design cues from its G-series.

The LG Lucid 3 has a curved back and rounded corners.  It has a construction similar to LG’s F70 and F90 from their new F-series.  Other details discernible from leaked images include a physical home key reminiscent of a Samsung product unlike the LG 2 which had capacitive buttons.

Early critics are already pointing out that the LC Lucid 3 would not be the first company smartphone to have a physical home key or to have this apparent design.  The new F-series debuted at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, last month sported a similar look.  Some claim that the LG Lucid 3 will do little more than follow in “the footsteps of mid-range mediocrity” upon release.  They also speculate that since the Verizon and LG logos are already pictured on both sides of the device that it is highly possible that the LG Lucid 3 could be on Verizon’s 4G LTE network within mere weeks.

(Image courtesy of  Twitter/Evleaks)


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