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Aspen Socialite Murder Case Continues with Third Arrest

A third arrest was made in the murder of Nancy Pfister, a socialite from Aspen, Colorado. The third person of interest, Kathy Carpenter was detained and charged Friday for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The third arrest took place at Kathy Carpenter’s home without incident. After arrested, she was taken to Pikin County Jail and detained without bond.

Aspen Socialite

Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister’s murder investigation continues with a third arrest made.
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Nancy Pfister, 57-years-old- was found murdered in her mountain chalet after coming back from a long trip to Australia. The third arrested suspect, Carpenter, was the first to discover the socialite’s body in the chalet’s closet.

Police arrested the first two suspects, William Styler III and Nancy Styler, on March 3 on conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. The motive for the murder seems to be blamed on a dispute over rent and utilities. In a January post on Pfister’s Facebook wall, Pfister said that the Stylers had not paid rent or utilities. She returned home to Aspen from Australia over the rental dispute.

Juliana Pfister, the socialite’s daughter, is distraught that her mother would be killed over a supposed rental dispute. eCanadaNow reports she does not believe that someone would kill someone after being kicked out of the house.

Joe DiSalvo, Pitkin County Sheriff, has not yet released many details regarding the shocking resort town’s first murder in more than ten years. He did disclose that the Stylers had moved into Pfister’s Aspen home last fall.

The murder investigation remains open at the time despite three arrests being made in the case. The autopsy report is not finished at this time and court records for this case have been sealed and are not available to the public. Who killed Nancy Pfister the Aspen socialite? Only time will tell for sure if all or any of the three suspects arrested thus far are to blame.

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  • Munch Hausen

    “The motive for the murder seems to be blamed on a dispute over rent and utilities.”

    Neither a landlord nor a renter be…

    Too many laws in favor of tenants that would keep someone like Nancy from having the Sheriff kick out these deadbeats.

    • moneywhereyourmouthis

      There are two sides to every coin- there are many instances of landlord malfeasance as well

      • zion1king

        More ways to get even than “murder”. No excuse.

  • Steve Somebody

    She looked very good for 57.

    • effingreat

      Not anymore.