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Food City 500: Carl Edwards Wins; Race Ends Under Unexpected Caution

Food City 500: Mother Nature caused this one to start late and take a long break during the race, but eventually someone was named the winner.

Rain caused the start of the race at the Bristol Motor Speedway to be delayed by 90 minutes and to be delayed later by more than three hours. Fans that stuck around for the end were able to witness Carl Edwards win under caution, the fourth driver to win in four races this season. While the ending may have been a little anticlimactic it was not without controversy.

With a three laps to go the caution light started to blink on the side of the track. The only thing is no one could tell why. There wasn’t any rain at the moment (although it did start to come down again) and no one had crashed either.

Naturally this was confusing to everyone and made even more confusing when the blue flag with the yellow stripe was waived with two laps to go (telling guys more than a lap back to move over for the leaders) and not the caution flag.

So what was the problem? This will make you laugh–someone in the flag stand accidentally leaned against the manual override for the caution lights and turned them on (via Yahoo).

“After review of the situation post?race, what happened in the closing laps of the race, it appears that in the flag stand one of the flag people leaned on the switch that is the manual override for the caution lights… when the flag stand realized that the caution lights were illuminated, the flag man threw the flag, and then after that happened we froze the field from the tower.”

Edwards was ahead by more than two seconds and had led the last 75 laps of the race so it would appear that he was going to win anyway. Then again, he would not have been the first guy to lose a lead in the last two laps had the race not been under caution.

That being said, it would not be surprising if the guilty party were to find himself suspended for a few races.

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