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Google gets going with app store

According to a recent report on the Google Drive Blog, Google is launching an online store for “third-party apps” on Google Drive.   The app store, created by the development team responsible for Google Docs and Sheets, was built specifically for people who create spreadsheets and documents.  The apps, which Google refers to as “add-ons”, are now available to Google Drive users of Docs and Sheets which is the free online word-processing and spreadsheet tools.



The custom apps can reportedly import data from Web tools, offer different formatting options, add graphics in a diagram form and allow improved communication between people sharing documents.  Microsoft may service Excel and Word users to download templates, Google, with the aid of various third parties, has chosen to add functionality to the docs interface.  One add-on, for example, takes a list of addresses within a Google spreadsheet and then format it properly so that the user may print them out on Avery address labels.

HelloSign, another add-on, provides a special field in a document that permits people to sign it with a legal, electronic signature.  The EasyBib Add-On allows students to efficiently create a bibliography in APA, MLA and Chicago Manual of Style citation formats without having to stop writing.

Additional useful apps offered in the Web store provide services such as adding music notation, the generation of an advanced messaging interface, importing data from social networks for analysis, inserting a table of contents for lengthy documents, language translation, MailChimp email integration, the merging of multiple documents into a single document, mind mapping for brainstorming sessions and even the ability to have conference calls from within a specific document.  Users are able to control all add-ons if they are not needed for a specific job.

People interested in accessing the new add-ons need only locate the new “add-ons” drop-down in the main menu of Google Drive then click on “Get add-ons” in order to start the new Web app store.

(Image courtesy of Google/Arinambose)

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