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3rd Victim Of SXSW Drunk Driving Accident Dies In Hospital

A drunk driver struck innocent people who were attending the SXSW (South By SouthWest) festival in Austin Texas last week. Two other victims had already been killed as a result of the accident, but many were clinging on to hope that 26 year old Sandy Thuy Le would pull through. She was being treated in a hospital after being run over outside of the Mohawk Music Club in Austin. As many as 23 people in total were injured by the accident, with some people killed immediately and 5 being sent to the hospital with critical injuries.

3rd Victim Of SXSW Drunk Driving Accident Dies In Hospital

3rd SXSW Drunk Driving Victim DiesThe drunk driver responsible for the accident, 21 year old Rashad Owens, is being charged with Capital Murder for the deaths of those innocent victims, and Aggravated Assault With A Vehicle for striking the other people. He was reportedly being chased by police, before intentionally crashing his car into a crowd of people attending the SXSW festivities. Owens, was himself a musician who was hoping to step into the scene at the SXSW festival by showing off his rapping skills and hopefully getting some recognition to make it big. Unfortunately the would-be-rapper is now behind bars with the bond being set at $3 million.

There are still other victims being treated at various hospitals for injuries received during the drunk driving accident, but all of them are showing positive signs that they will make recoveries, many of those initially injured were able to leave the scene without being admitted to a hospital as well. Sandy Thuy Le suffered severe head trauma from the force of the impact, and was one of the unfortunate people to be so seriously wounded. One other victim remains in critical condition still, though their name was not given.

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3rd Victim Of SXSW Drunk Driving Accident Dies In Hospital.

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