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Samsung Gear 2 out now

Samsung has just launched a new line of wearable devices along with last month’s Galaxy S5.   Samsung introduced the Galaxy Gear, its first smartwatch, last year.  The watch was powered by Android.

Samsung surprised some by unveiling new smartwatches powered not by Android but by Tizen.  Online experts point out that while Samsung chose not to put out a software development kit (SDK) for the Galaxy Gear powered by Android, they have released one for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.    Critics note that the company initially snubbed a majority of developers as well and are rectifying that mistake with this new line.


Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has already scored points from early reviewers for not making the same mistake twice.  Now developers can create new apps for the smartwatches and average consumers will have additional options available in terms of new apps.  Users will no longer have to be satisfied with just Samsung-made apps or those made by a small group of the company’s partners.

Samsung has increased the functionality of their new Tizen-powered smartwatches.  In fact, any user of the new wearables can try to create a smartwatch app simply by clicking the source links for the software development kit.  The guide is available for Mac, Ubuntu and Windows.


Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Samsung appears to have picked the perfect timeframe for the release of the new wearables as well.  After all, Pebble just recently opened an app store for its smartwatches and online sources indicate that both Google and Apple are soon likely “to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon” too.  The company is believed to have gotten a head start on the potential competition as well as garnered new developers for Tizen to boot.  Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo SDK are available now.

One online tech fan named “IJM” is anxious to check out these new products for Samsung and said:  “This new technology is truly noteworthy.  We once only saw watches like this in Dick Tracy comic strips and sci-fi movies.  Now we are seeing new wearable tech every year.  This is my year now that the watches will have more apps out there we can use.”

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